The great steel gates loomed over Ophelia and Honey as they approached the dangerous cavern. Honey shuffled his feet around and looked down at the rocky ground. His heart was pounding against his fuzzy chest.

“Um, are you sure we have to do this?” asked Honey.

Ophelia looked up at Honey, and nodded.

“Don’t worry we got this,”

“… About twenty so far and counting,”

“Exactly. And how many fearsome creatures have we fought along the way?”

“Plenty, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t scared out of our wits about it,”

Ophelia smiled under her metal helmet.

“This is just one of those creatures. There’s nothing to worry about. What do we always say, Honey?”

“For Bravery, Adventure, and Excitement!” shouted Honey and Ophelia as they both raised up their swords.

Both of them pushed open the steel gates and proceeded into the cavern. The walls were closing in, and the ceiling dropped drastically as they ventured deeper. As the light began to fade from the cavern entrance, Honey lit a torch. It lost their element of surprise, but at least they were able to see where they were going. The cavern hall was lined with bones of fallen victims, they were either animal or human bones, but Ophelia didn’t want to think too hard about it.

The cave had a slight feel of tranquility to it, water dripped down rhythmically from the stalactites and the air was cool and damp. If they weren’t surrounded by piles of bones, it would be a good place for Ophelia to mediate in. The sound of bats wings fluttered startled Honey and Ophelia patted him on the arm as if to tell him it was alright. They didn’t want to talk in case the creature was nearby. After a while of walking down the straight cavern halls, the ceiling began to grow and the walls began to expand outwards. They were nearing an opening, Ophelia hoped it was the opening of where the creature was keeping Prince Dino.

The opening itself was lit up very nicely, which was surprising seeing how it was a creature’s lair. Honey propped up their torch against a rock and followed Ophelia to the middle of the opening. She was looking up around her. The ceiling grew as tall as the ceilings in King FuuFoo’s castle. It was enchanting.

“Psst! Hey Ophelia, up here!”

Ophelia and Honey both looked up to see a large iron cage placed above a rocky ledge and there inside of it was Prince Dino. His scaly paws were desperately clinging on to the iron bars.

“Get me out of here!”

Ophelia looked around. “In a second, this seems too easy.” The cave room was void of anything, just some entrances to, what Ophelia believed, led deeper into the cave. She noticed there was a set of stone stairs heading towards the ledge, but where was the monster? King Fuufoo said that something had captured Prince Dino. This was too suspiciously easy.

Honey looked back at Ophelia to check to see if it was safe to head up on the stairs. Ophelia didn’t know what to say, she was about to nod her head, when they both heard a sudden low growl coming from one of the unexplored openings.

The floor began to shake as the mysterious monster approached the opening. Dust and tiny rocks fell from the ceiling as the monster stepped into the light. The light exposed the monster for what it truly was, a dragon. It barred its sharp teeth and let out a nasty roar that shook the cave. Ophelia took a deep breath. It’s their first time battling a dragon. Why didn’t King Fuufoo warn them?

Its glowing red eyes narrowed, and it opened its mouth. Ophelia’s eyes widen.

“Duck Honey! It’s about to attack!” Ophelia dived behind some rocks as a wave a fire rushed towards her. The rock provided enough coverage to split the flames in half. The heat on both sides of Ophelia was enough to make her sweat.

As soon as the fire stopped she jumped from behind the rock and into her ready stance. The dragon was now focusing his attention towards Honey. It opened its mouth again for another fire attack. Ophelia needed to do something and fast, Honey had nowhere to hide. That’s when she noticed the dragon’s tail swishing around. She sprinted towards the tail and brought down her ebony sword on to it.

The dragon yelped in pain and swiped its tail into Ophelia sending her flying back a few feet. She landed on to her back with a thud. She coughed and staggered back on to her feet. The dragon turned his head to meet Ophelia once more. From out of the corner of Ophelia’s eye Honey was almost near the top of the stairs.

Ophelia unsheathed her second sword and brought it in front of her. That’s when she heard her mother’s voice calling and the scene started to dissipate into oblivion.

“Ophelia!” said her mother.

Ophelia turned around and looked towards her bedroom doorway. Her mother was leaning on the side of it.

“It’s time for dinner,”

Ophelia torn off her toy helmet and tossed it aside. “Okay mom! Can Honeykins come too?”

“Sure, sweetie. Don’t forget to wash up, okay?”

“Alright!” Ophelia grinned and skipped to her bedside and picked up her teddy bear. She looked at her yellow dinosaur sitting on top of the bed and patted it on the head. “Sorry Prince Dino, we’ll come save you after dinner,”

Ophelia’s dog sat down at Ophelia’s feet and barked. She smiled and patted him on the head as well.

“You did a good job, Draco. Yes you did, yes you did. Let’s go get some food,”

Draco wagged his tail feverishly and darted out of Ophelia’s room. She quickly followed after him with Honeykins in tow.

And so the adventures in Dragonia was paused just until dinner was over.