What do you think one should do to get a successful blog? Answer

I’m not an expert on these things, these are just my thoughts and comments after visiting tons of book blogs out there. If you have stumbled on to this page magically, then here’s some context. This page was created to add in my thoughts and comments on what a someone could do to get a successful blog. It was from the Secret life of a blogger tag.


Apparently using a lot of images and taking advantage of the feature image works well. There is a fine balance between great image content and fluff. Images are awesome and all, but an overuse of images and gifs divides up the blog post to the point that reading the actual content is annoying. I’ve seen too many blogs with overly large photos that cause me to scroll down endlessly, as well as an abuse of gifs.


Distinct Blogging Style:

This could be a unique rating system or entertaining writing style. As well as customizing your blog theme so it matches your own personality. I’ve seen many blogs that stick with the current default theme. Yes, I used to use default as well and didn’t bother customizing it, but I have now learnt the extreme differences customization can have on a blog.

Now let’s bring this back to the image tip above shall we? I know I stated that some people abuse reaction gifs in their post, however, I’m not condemning the use of them. Reaction gifs could be their distinct blogging style and that’s perfectly okay. I’m just not a fan of it and will most likely overlook someone’s book review if it’s littered with gifs. I actually disabled gifs on goodreads reviews. They were extremely irritating to me and added nothing to the book review itself.


Using the Read More Tag:

Utilizing the read more tag for long ass posts is a great sign of a good blogger. Or maybe that’s just me. I really appreciate blogs that have read more tags so that I’m not constantly scrolling down to get to the next post. It makes exploring someone’s blog really really difficult. I’m lucky to have a read more tag built into my blog theme, but for other themes it’s not the case.


Being active:

This refers to updating your blog occasionally and replying to comments that you may have on the blog. Also, being active in the community that you are a part of helps spread the word about your own blog, as well as, allow people to get to know who you are. People aren’t going to go out there and discover new bloggers, you have to introduce yourself. Similar to how a social gathering would operate. Gotta network with the people already at the party.


That’s pretty much it for this answer. Thanks for reading. Also you can see why I wanted to include this answer in other page now, right? If I added all of this in the original tag post, the post would have been too long. It would have made formatting and keeping the post clean pretty hard. Especially since I wanted to highlight key points. I figured if people who really care to read the tips would indeed visit this page.