Two Widowmakers on Defense?

Just as the title suggests. Sure sounds like a great idea, if the widowmakers were actually good. They weren’t. They were terrible, and I would love to blame them for that lost, but the rest of the team including me weren’t doing so hot either.


Both widowmakers refused to change heroes because it was a battle of who selected first and they wanted to show of their awesome new skins. Cue, eyerolling. Sure, I understand, you have a new skin and you want to parade it around asap. I must say there is a time and a place for these things. Maybe the game after you get the skin won’t have a team comp that fits the hero, but should you force yourself to play that hero? No. Think of the team.


I hate it when teammates are selfish. Actually I hate it when people are selfish in general.


I should have left after I saw the two widowmakers, but like everyone else I’m silly and stubborn. I thought maybe the rest of the team could work together to defend. I kept playing in hopes that one of them would change their minds and change heroes. They did not. To no one’s surprise we lost that game. Our team was livid except for the widowmakers. They had “fun” to say the least. They kept saying that’s it’s just a game. Well, it’s not a game when your team keeps dying over and over again, not matter how many times you group up. There just wasn’t enough damage to take out the other team. When you spend more time dead than alive, it’s not playing the game anymore.


Sure, the widows had fun, but it was very clear that the rest of the team didn’t. We were getting picked off one by one because we didn’t have enough damage. You would think with two snipers, the enemy team would drop off like flies. They did not. Our widows sucked. I sucked. I did the best I could defending as a tank. But I can only take so much damage from the enemy team before dying. Our support did the best they could too. 1 tank + support against 5 other people cause the rest of the team didn’t understand how to go in and pick the enemy off. Oh how my blood boils.


Seriously, sure it’s just a game, but sometimes you’re negatively affecting the team with your personality and decisions. If the two widows weren’t such a jackass about their decisions, I’m sure I would have fun trying to defend. Instead I was a little pissed off with them. Could I express that negative emotion? No. What good would that do to the team? Nothing. I could either suck it up and play, or leave. And I chose to keep quiet and play. Bad decision that was.