Review Policy

Rating System

5 Stars – Above average.

4 Stars- Good.

3 Stars – Okay.

2 Stars – Not bad.

1 Stars – Terrible.


Note: My reviews are based on a subjective rating system. Please take that into account when reading my reviews.

I rate the novels on what I have read in the past. Things I take into account are; plot, character, and execution of writing. Even though I break down novels in this way I’m still basing a bit of my own opinion in the rating. I am by no means a professional reader or writer. I’m just a human that enjoys reading and can recognize what is a good book or not.

I will note when I have received a book for free in return of an honest review. Or when I receive an ARC or something. It will be very noticeable, so it won’t be hard to miss. The fact that I received a free copy for a review doesn’t affect my opinions on the book at all. All of my reviews are honest; I just feel like it’s required to mention when I get a book for free.


Want to request a review for a book?

If you like what I do and want me to review a novel, send me a message on the Talk to the Tavern Keeper.