Wisdom Teeth 1

What’s up everyone?

I got my wisdom teeth pulled and you might think this is not food related, but it is. All four of them has been removed so I’m pretty much a puffy chipmunk, so it’s been a challenge to eat anything. Not gonna lie, I really want food. I’m sure everyone in my position wanted food as well. Being off solid food has given me an appreciation for food.

This series will explore what cravings I had during my healing time and the things I had to help keep me alive, but not satisfied.

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Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows: A Personality Test

Winter time is the best time of the year to get hot chocolate! And if you’re anyone awesome, you would enjoy putting a little marshmallow fluff into the liquid chocolate or if you’re a loser you’ll put none. Kidding, of course. Although, these were similar lines I have said during a hangout with my friends where I made hot chocolate for them. I judged them based on their marshmallow preference, which was the inspiration for this joke personality test. Let’s start!

Left - My hot chocolate. 15 marshmallows.  Right - My friend's hot chocolate. I think it was 12 hot chocolates.   Not captured in the photo, a sad looking cup with only 6 marshmallows.
Left – My hot chocolate. 15 marshmallows.
Right – My friend’s hot chocolate. I think it was 12 hot chocolates.
Not captured in the photo, a sad looking cup with only 6 marshmallows.

Milk or Hot Water?

Milk – Nice. Very fancy.

Hot Water – Simple, but it works.

Amount of marshmallows?

0: Ahh, you’re a straight-laced person. Things are either black or white, no gray areas for you.

1-5: Ehh. You’re kinda boring. In fact, did you get peer pressured to have marshmallows in your drink to hopefully blend into the crowd?

6-10: Meh. You try to have some fun, but you stay within your comfort zone.

11-15: Now we’re talking. Let’s get this party started!

16-20: Woot. That’s a lot of marshmallows. You’re a high baller aren’t you?

21+: Yeah.. I’m not sure what to say at this point. Are you even drinking hot chocolate?

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Apple Cinnamon Spice – Tastes like liquid apple pie~

What’s up guys? It’s a new series! Fuyu’s Food Adventures, a series where I talk about my random encounters and adventures with food.

Let’s start this up shall we?

The other day I needed a pick me up before dnd and was recommended an Apple Cinnamon Spice drink from Starbucks. At first I was a bit curious and apprehensive about this drink. It didn’t sound very good. I mean drinking milk and apple juice? That’s a bit weird, but I figured to go for it. What could go wrong right? I already had a back up plan in case I didn’t like it. (Cry and pass the drink off to hk)

Note that it’s not actually listed as an item on the menu. A friend saw it listed a few months ago and then it was taken off. Is it a secret item? No idea, but many employees do know of it when I ask for it, so that’s always fun. 

It smelled pretty sweet. Almost too sweet and from the smell of it, I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I did! The drink was made with steamed milk so it offered a warm creaminess to the drink. Like a warm apple hug. In fact, a warm apple pie hug!! With ice cream!

That is the tale in which I found a new drink to order at Starbucks, if I’m in the need for a pick me up. It used to be their shaken teas, but I like the apple hug a lot better. :D

Entertainer Blogger Award 2

Ohoh. I’ve been nominated for another Entertainer Blogger Award. This time by the lovely ToreishiNoblesse! Thank you~

The Rules

Write a post including the award picture.

Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring, and most importantly ENTERTAINING!

Add these rules to the post.

Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog!

Also, answer the questions down below.

Why did you start to blog?

Ahh a classic question. I started this blog to have a place to call my own. I didn’t want anything to tie me down or cause me to feel obligated to anything. At first it was strongly motivated by book bloggers, but as time went on, I discovered that I enjoy talking about my adventures more especially my cooking adventures. I also like knowing I have a place to share my thoughts and experiences with others so that maybe we won’t feel so alone facing certain things.

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Ep 12: Shepherd’s Pie with Kuro

Ohoh. Another cooking event this time with the lovely Kuro who was kind enough to risk her kitchen with me. We were hungry and thought making Shepherd’s Pie would be fun. Mind you, we did not use a recipe. We winged it, like I do with most of my recipes. I’ll talk about the rough steps and ingredients we used, but overall, the cooking time will be very estimated. Plus if I miss a step hopefully Kuro can step in and remind me of what I missed. I’m pretty sure I remember most of the steps though. It’s been a few weeks.

Shepherd’s Pie with Ice Wine Tea. It was a great lunch. :D

No overall grocery photo for this post. Kuro did most of the grocery shopping and we just took out the ingredients we needed at the time and by then my hands were a bit murky so holding a phone was not ideal.  First we boiled some water in a fairly large frying pan. We were prepping the soup base for the beef. I chose beef stock to flavor the beef with. You can use a large pot instead to stew the beef with. Doesn’t need to be a frying pan. We seasoned the beef with salt, pepper, and bbq seasoning(?) and brought the water to a rolling boil. Once it was boiling we stirred the beef around before putting it to a simmer and adding a lid on top.

Afterwards it was time to chop up the onions. All dem tears.

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Publicity Scam

LOL remember how I said I should get smarter about being scammed? Well I keep falling for those things. This time it was a publicity one. I should have been more mindful and cautious about this because I saw it on instagram. The instagram photo linked back to a blog page over at WonderfilledReads. You can find her page on WordPress and Twitter profile. Yes, I’m calling her out on this since I found it a bit sketchy, but since she has my personal information I don’t want her to mess around with me, therefore, I’m going to mention her in neutral setting as possible. And no this isn’t a witch hunt. This is just a post highlighting that publicity scams are a thing with book bloggers as well, try not to follow for them like I did.

Anyways, I thought it would be pretty cool to participate in the unhaul and ask for one of the novels they didn’t need. Another man’s treasure and all that mentality. The post itself got a lot of likes and probably a bit of views too.

Like all the other times, the same interactions happened. Contacted on twitter via PM, gave information to them, and waited. Waited. And waited. By 3 weeks of them telling me they would have shipped it out, I asked about it. They said everything was packed up and waiting in the trunk of their car. She added that it had been a busy 3 weeks and therefore they haven’t went to the post office yet. She assured me she would go the week after.  I didn’t want to offend them by asking for a photo of the packages. I should have, but I thought it would be rude on my part since it was free stuff. Who knows, she could be lying she could not be. We don’t know. It’s her book, and she could have easily said that she didn’t want to ship to me if she didn’t want to. I know how money and time can be.

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Fuyu Moments #19 – It wasn’t awkward… but you just made it awkward

I was working today at cash, and I hopped over to the other end to restock on bags, as I made my way back to my till a coworker happened to bend down and butt check me. I flew back a bit, apologized and then carried onwards. Nothing wrong with butt checks. It’s body contact. This is stuff I deal with while I’m around my friends.  No big deal right? WELL. Apparently to the guy it was awkward. Even though I brushed it off. I asked him what was so awkward about it. He responds with the fact that his hand wrapped around and touched things.

Listening to him recall his side of the story, I got embarrassed. I remembered that I did feel his hand touch me in the butt as well. It was when I flew back a bit. :/ The memory was enough to make my face flush with embarrassment and I got sheepish from it for a few seconds. Thank god I was bent over to fill up my bag containers. I’m sure no one saw my red face.

It was fine before it was mentioned how weird/awkward it was.

Lesson learnt today, it’s only awkward if you make things awkward.