Welcome to The Inky Awkto

I’m DrAwkto, others know me as Fuyu, and I’ll be your writer for the duration of your visit. The Inky Awkto is a place where I share my thoughts and interests. It also sounds like a name for a tavern. Yes, I did that on purpose.

Anyways, I have a broad range of interests such are reading, writing, playing games, food, and exploring the world around me with the people I love. My thoughts are scattered, random, and sometimes very silly, however, I’m secretly an angry person so there may be a few rants here and there. The majority of the posts will consist of book related subjects, such as book reviews or book hauls, as well as montly updates on my reading progress.

I should note that, most of the posts I write will be informal, including my reviews. Occasionally, I’ll post up bits and pieces of short stories I have written.

Get comfy anywhere you’ll like with your favourite drink and enjoy your time here at the Inky Awkto.


27 thoughts on “About

    • DrAwkto

      This is what you can do too. Most people don’t know how to link to other posts so they’ll just leave a comment on someone’s about page to tell them they’ve been nominated for awards/tags or mentioned in a post.

      Thanks for the link! I’ll read it now.


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