DYI Subscription Tea Box

Hello Everyone!
Today I’m bringing you guys a little peek into how I create a little tea box for some of my friends. As an avid tea collector, my pantry is filled with an assortment of teas and it’s come to a point where I have too many of them. I can’t drink them all! And I don’t really host guests so I can’t just make a pot of tea for 4 for a tea party or anything, so I’ve decided that I should share my love with teas with some of my friends by forcing teabags onto them. Haha. Best of both worlds right? Kidding.

For this box, I used my Japanese individual tea bags for each of the teas I was distributing. I picked these up at my local grocery store, but any special tea shops will offer them as well. As for storage, I reused one of my boxes to hold the teas. The box used to hold macaroons so I know it’s safe to reuse. Plus the loose leaf teas are in bags so no harm done there.


Left to Right: Black tea with flower petals, Snow Cap, Raspberry Limeade, Green tea with brown rice, and Ceylon Tea.

I used some cute stationary as a legend for my friends so they can see what kinds of teas I have given them, however, I didn’t tell them where the teas were so they will either have to figure it out or have a surprise cup of tea. It was pretty fun making these tea boxes for my friends, and I would definitely do it again since I have plenty more teas where that came from. If you like this idea, you should give it a try. And if you give it a try, let me know, I would love to hear your experiences about compiling the box of tea and what kinds of teas you placed inside.

Sharing is caring and being able to share the love of teas is always pretty fun.



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