Fuyu Moments # 21 – Nest Building

Me and one of my besties were sitting down on the floor. Wanting to be more comfortable I wanted to make a nest, but someone’s body was in my way.

Me: -looks at bestie- I wanna make a blanket nest. Did you wanna share?

Bestie: Um. Sure. -leans back- What do we do?

Me: Well for starters I need you to move, so we can prep the nest.

Bestie: I… I don’t what we’re doing.

Another bestie throws pillows in my direction and I start setting up.

Me: -while arranging pillows- Have you not been a bird before?

Bestie: … Um, what?

Me: A bird. Birds make nests.

Mind you this conversation took place while I had the utmost serious face on. Nest building, serious stuff man. I really don’t know what to say about that conversation myself. I got a nice little formula on how to build a great nest for movie watching on the floor.

First you need a place to rest your back on. A coffee table, wall, side of a sofa, something of the sort. Now you’ll need an assortment of pillows; a few firm ones and soft ones, and blankets.

The floor is hard, even if you have carpet so it’s good to have some padding while you lay in your nest. I suggest having two layers of blankets on the floor for the nest. It should offer enough padding. If you really want to be comfortable, I suggest folding them to add more cushion.  Have another blanket ready in case it gets cold and you have to cover up.

Time for the pillows. You want to arrange the firm pillows against the resting area. Make sure there’s enough coverage for the amount of people using the nest with you. In this case it was two people, so I had three medium sized firm pillows for more support. We had a few firm pillows leftover so we layered that on top of the other ones. Then we placed the soft pillows all around the firm pillows to create a nice soft area to lean against.

Tada, in a few easy steps you have a warm little nest to be in. :D Enjoy, little birds. Enjoy.

Oh in case you guys wanted to know what movie I was watching, I was watching John Wick 1. Pretty entertaining movie. Love it so much. :D


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