D&D Adventures 0

I believe it’s no surprise that I play dnd with my buddies ever so often. I realized there are some crazy stuff that happens in our session and it would be great to share them with you guys. That and I can use this as a good record for the silliness.

At the beginning the party consisted only of me, and then it evolved into another friend, and another and then our last one joined a few weeks ago. We got a teifling rogue(Ee’a), half-ling barbarian(Ragnar), human warlock and warrior(The Black Swordsman. Seriously, that’s his name.), and a 1015 year old dwarf cleric(Kip). It’s been a non-stop crazy ride ever since. Here’s some stuff that has been said during our sessions. Fun fact, for the longest time, I felt like a momma cat trying to wrangle her kittens. ; ; Now with our cleric in the party, I have back up against these fools!

Session ??:

Ee’a: I pull out an animal from the animal bag.

DM: Alright roll for your animal.

Ee’a: I reach into the animal bag and pull out a pig!

The Black Swordsman: Sweet! Can I name your pig?

Ee’a: No.

The Black Swordsman (ooc): Hey dm, can I name the pig bacon?

Ee’a(ooc): NO! You can’t just name my pig bacon. It’s my PIG. Get your own animal.

DM: -laughs- Roll for animal taming both of you guys.

We both roll and Ee’a fails her roll. ALL THE GROANS.

The Black Swordsman: Sweet. Come here bacon! There’s a good piggy!

The pig apparently goes to the human and sniffs his hand. Ee’a is secretly dying inside from frustration.


Session ??:

Both Ragnar and Ee’a walk down the hallway. They stop at the same room and look at each other.

Ee’a: Wait, why are you following me Ragnar? Isn’t your room over there?

Ragnar: No, the barkeep gave us one room.

Ee’a: What? Why?

Ee’a(ooc): what is this, DM?

DM: -laughs- You see the tavern keep thought Ee’a and Ragner were a bickering couple and gave you a room. See you didn’t specify if you wanted one or two rooms.

Ee’a (ooc): Why is this happening to me?

Back to the game.

Ee’a: Ugh. Can’t you go down and request another room?

Ragnar: It’s a far enough walk and I am tired. I may lay on the floor if it pleases you.

Ee’a: Fine. I guess. -stares at Ragnar with suspicion-

Ragnar: You have my word I shall be on the floor, however, if the lady pleases maybe during the night I may sleep on the bed.

Ee’a (ooc): NOPE. NOPE. Not doing this.

Ee’a: NOPE. I’m going downstairs.

Ee’a storms downstairs. In theory to get another room because her player can’t handle the embarrassment her friend is providing off of their character. Ee’a approaches the bar and plops down onto the stool.

Ee’a: Are you sure there are no other rooms in this inn?

Barkeep: -stops cleaning the glass she was holding and softly gasps- Ahh, a lovers quarrel is it?


Barkeep: -hands Ee’a a key- Here’s another room. This one is on the house.

Ragnar’s player and the DM bursts into laughter. I’m there secretly wishing I didn’t have to deal with this character.


That’s all for now. :D there’ll be more stories later!


Talk to the Tavern Keeper

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