Wisdom Teeth 3

It’s been over three weeks since I gotten mine out, and here’s some results gathered from my experiences. I broke them down by weeks. Since I already started with week 1, I’ll just finish it off. By day 5 I was able to have Vietnamese noodle soup (really soft vermicelli noodles + soft broken up eggs). I almost cried from tears of happiness. It was a pleasure to finally have food again. It still wasn’t the beginning of food though. I still had to take in meal replacements because I didn’t have the resources to properly clean my teeth during school.


Week 2: The puffiness went away and I basically could eat more solid food. Stitches were beginning to fall out in chunks. Haha I remember this one time I was softly talking to a cashier and while I was thanking them, I felt something fall down my cheek, it was weird. I couldn’t keep my expression neutral and I think the person noticed. Once I finished my interaction, I walked away and discretely spat out the object in question. It was medium hard. I figured it was my stitches. Or a part of it at least. I was very intrigued by them. One time I even kept it around because I was too busy to poke at it and investigate. After I was free, the chunk harden and it was SUPER COOL!

Week 3: I’m nearly back to normal. All I eat during lunch is seasoned noodles and some soft veggies or tofu if I can. Celebrating Chinese New Year in my condition was sad. I missed most of my favourite stuff. I was able to get glutenous ball soup for myself. The small ones though. The filled ones I couldn’t have because of the bean filling going everywhere in my mouth. It’s the equivalent of eating rice.

Fruits and cheese were a go. :D It was a happy day when I had fruits again in my classes. Yes, I’m a snacker. I feel bad because it’s entirely rude to eat in class, but I do me. As long as I’m not being obnoxious about it, I see no issues with it. If my food is annoying and comes with a crackly wrapper, I stop and don’t bother. I also gauge my classmates and prof’s reactions, if I see them getting annoyed I also stop.

I had beef jerky today during my movie night. After 3 weeks you would think I was able to handle it. Naw, I got really tired of chewing it with my front teeth and moved it to the back, where i managed to stab the back of my mouth with the jerky. It hurt like crazy.


That’s all for my experiences with food during my healing. Once it hits 4 weeks, I’ll mentally be ready to have proper food, and I’ll be physically (hopefully) okay to eat it. I’m pretty sure I’m fine, but it’s all mental. If i think I feel food at the back of my mouth, I’ll feel it even if nothing is there. It’s tiring.


LOL oh yeah, I still have photos of my wisdom teeth. I’m not sure if I should post them or not. They’re pretty gruesome. Then again this is my blog, so I guess I can do whatever I want? We shall see. I’ll post them after the last week as a celebration of my healing process. :D


Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!


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