Wisdom Teeth 2

It’s day 3 you guys, and after drinking my meal replacement for my breakfast I started to feel really nauseated. Based on this I was told I’m not eating enough, which I knew already, but I’m also probably not having enough crucial nutrients in me. Therefore, I started to incorporate more actual food inside me.

Day 3:

Breakfast: Ensure

Lunch:   Strawberry Kiwi Juice

Greek Strawberry Yogurt

Pasta Salad – Ehh. I wasn’t a fan of this. I had to break down the pasta pieces to chunks and swallowing them wasn’t pleasant for me.

Snack: Ensure

Dinner: Overcooked Instant Ho Fan Noodles – The broth was very soothing for me and made my day all the more better, but again I had the same issues with the noodles being in larger pieces than I am used to. That and I was having pain issues during the eating process. :C

Dessert: (Yeah cause after a sad day of pain, it’s good to treat yourself)

Whipped Cream on a spoon – I enjoyed this treat cause it was soft and easy to eat, but opening my mouth wide enough to lick the spoon or just to stick the spoon in my mouth hurt, so I didn’t eat it for very long.

 Overall Thoughts:

As you can see I decided to stray away from the overall calorie counting schema and went with a more commentary approach. This is because I know for a fact, I’m not going to eat enough during this healing progress to fully get my daily count so I’m going to focus more on foods I tried to eat and attempt to get a well-balanced diet.


Day 4:

Breakfast: Ensure

        Scrambled Eggs – Eggs are a god sent. I found out I was able to eat them if they were very fluffy. This will be a staple in my diet for a few days until I can find a better alternative.

Clear broth – Mom made some noodle soup for dinner last night, which I couldn’t have. It was filled with all sorts of veggies and smelt delicious. There was leftovers in the morning, so I spooned some broth and made sure I didn’t get any of the veggies since they were still too hard for me to ingest. :C

Snack: Small milk chocolate truffles – The size of these were too big still, but I was able to get some sugar from it. I popped them in my mouth and let it sit until it melted. I noticed that my mouth would hurt a bit while this happened so I didn’t have too much of them either.

Two crackers – I tore them into small pieces and just placed them on my tongue to soften up before swallowing. It helped fill the void.

Clear Broth

Dinner: Poor man mac and cheese – Basically just leftover pasta and cheese on top. The cheese hardened too fast which made it harder for me to eat this dish. Do not recommend :C Unless you are having legit mac and cheese, then it should be softer. The pasta noodles might be too big though.

Dessert: Almond Pudding – Yay for pudding. It was a great end to the day.

Overall Thoughts:

Eggs are the best and I’ll be getting more eggs in me throughout the next few days. :D Day 4 was pretty good since I spent most of that time at home resting and watching movies. I am tempted to go out and get some canned soup so that I can bring it for lunch at uni. Drinking only meal replacements is a dull dull life. I’m not sure how anyone can do a liquid diet. It definitely takes dedication for sure.



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