Wisdom Teeth 1

What’s up everyone?

I got my wisdom teeth pulled and you might think this is not food related, but it is. All four of them has been removed so I’m pretty much a puffy chipmunk, so it’s been a challenge to eat anything. Not gonna lie, I really want food. I’m sure everyone in my position wanted food as well. Being off solid food has given me an appreciation for food.

This series will explore what cravings I had during my healing time and the things I had to help keep me alive, but not satisfied.

Day 1:

2pm: Ensure Meal Replacement – 235 calories

3pm: Small bowl of congee – < 200 calories

6pm: Ensure + smaller bowl of congee – ~350 calories

9pm: A cup of chilled milk tea – 150 calories

Total: ~935 calories

Cravings today: Pasta and meat. 

That’s extremely unhealthy for a person of my size. In order for me to maintain my weight I need 1500 calories a day. Ugh. Need more food. Feed me. :/

Day 2:

9am: Ensure – 235

12pm: Ensure – 235

2:30pm: Ensure – 235

5pm: Avocado Milkshake ~400

9pm: A small bowl of congee with soy sauce – 350

Total: 1455

Cravings today: Everything. 

Edit: Even though I was still sick from the milkshake, I wanted something solid in my stomach so I attempted to have some food. I ended up with a larger stomach ache a few hours later. Fun stuff. At least my estimated calorie count is pretty decent now.

Have you guys gotten your wisdom teeth out? And if so, what did you have? I need ideas to keep healthy. I don’t wanna be a skeleton when I come out out this.


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