Apple Cinnamon Spice – Tastes like liquid apple pie~

What’s up guys? It’s a new series! Fuyu’s Food Adventures, a series where I talk about my random encounters and adventures with food.

Let’s start this up shall we?

The other day I needed a pick me up before dnd and was recommended an Apple Cinnamon Spice drink from Starbucks. At first I was a bit curious and apprehensive about this drink. It didn’t sound very good. I mean drinking milk and apple juice? That’s a bit weird, but I figured to go for it. What could go wrong right? I already had a back up plan in case I didn’t like it. (Cry and pass the drink off to hk)

Note that it’s not actually listed as an item on the menu. A friend saw it listed a few months ago and then it was taken off. Is it a secret item? No idea, but many employees do know of it when I ask for it, so that’s always fun. 

It smelled pretty sweet. Almost too sweet and from the smell of it, I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I did! The drink was made with steamed milk so it offered a warm creaminess to the drink. Like a warm apple hug. In fact, a warm apple pie hug!! With ice cream!

That is the tale in which I found a new drink to order at Starbucks, if I’m in the need for a pick me up. It used to be their shaken teas, but I like the apple hug a lot better. :D


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