Ep 12: Shepherd’s Pie with Kuro

Ohoh. Another cooking event this time with the lovely Kuro who was kind enough to risk her kitchen with me. We were hungry and thought making Shepherd’s Pie would be fun. Mind you, we did not use a recipe. We winged it, like I do with most of my recipes. I’ll talk about the rough steps and ingredients we used, but overall, the cooking time will be very estimated. Plus if I miss a step hopefully Kuro can step in and remind me of what I missed. I’m pretty sure I remember most of the steps though. It’s been a few weeks.

Shepherd’s Pie with Ice Wine Tea. It was a great lunch. :D

No overall grocery photo for this post. Kuro did most of the grocery shopping and we just took out the ingredients we needed at the time and by then my hands were a bit murky so holding a phone was not ideal.  First we boiled some water in a fairly large frying pan. We were prepping the soup base for the beef. I chose beef stock to flavor the beef with. You can use a large pot instead to stew the beef with. Doesn’t need to be a frying pan. We seasoned the beef with salt, pepper, and bbq seasoning(?) and brought the water to a rolling boil. Once it was boiling we stirred the beef around before putting it to a simmer and adding a lid on top.

Afterwards it was time to chop up the onions. All dem tears.

I diced up a full onion and tossed it into the bubbling frying pan with the beef. Once that was done, we started working on the pie crust. At this point, we pre-heated the oven to about 350F(?) so that it was ready to use when the ramekins are done. We used store brought pre-made pie crust for this and basically cut each sheet into thirds to line our ramekins. The ramekins were oiled up with butter and dusted with a light coat of flour before we lined the sides and bottom. That part was pretty hard in my opinion. I couldn’t line it properly so parts were thick and other parts were thin. Kuro had to help fix it up afterwards. Haha. Thanks buddy.

Lining the pie crust took around 10 minutes, which gave the beef a bit of time to cook in the frying pan. After the pie crust was properly lined we tossed them into the oven and went back to our beef. It was time to add in the peas and carrots. We used frozen vegetables from the Happy Friendly Giant. I believe that was the brand of veggies. Either way, any type of vegetables will work. We just tossed 1/2 – 3/4 of the bag inside the stewing beef and stirred it around before letting it sit some more.

The beef with veggies! It's almost ready to shove into the little ramekins.
The beef with veggies! It’s almost ready to shove into the little ramekins. Nom nom

The mixture should be slightly thick consistency, similar to a sauce. If it’s not, try adding a corn starch water mixture into the pan to thicken it up. It should do the trick just fine. While we waited for the pie crust to cook, we started working on the mashed potato topping. Since we were hungry, we used a powder bag of potatoes and mixed it up with some milk in a pot. Took less than 5 mins for the potatoes to cook and thicken up. A lot faster than my other attempts at making mashed potatoes!

Once 20 mins passed by, we started to assemble the lovely pots. We added the beef filling into each pot, then topped it up with mashed potatoes and then threw it into the oven for a few more minutes. Until the potatoes turned a nice golden brown. Mmm.

Overall the cooking time took around 40 minutes which isn’t too bad for a lunch. The results were fantastic especially for two people who basically winged it. We did pretty well. :D It was apparently a hit with Kuro’s family as well so that’s saying something. Maybe? Haha. Either way, it was super yummy and I would definitely try making this again for my family or friends.

Now, I wonder what my next cooking adventure shall be. Until next time!


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