Publicity Scam

LOL remember how I said I should get smarter about being scammed? Well I keep falling for those things. This time it was a publicity one. I should have been more mindful and cautious about this because I saw it on instagram. The instagram photo linked back to a blog page over at WonderfilledReads. You can find her page on WordPress and Twitter profile. Yes, I’m calling her out on this since I found it a bit sketchy, but since she has my personal information I don’t want her to mess around with me, therefore, I’m going to mention her in neutral setting as possible. And no this isn’t a witch hunt. This is just a post highlighting that publicity scams are a thing with book bloggers as well, try not to follow for them like I did.

Anyways, I thought it would be pretty cool to participate in the unhaul and ask for one of the novels they didn’t need. Another man’s treasure and all that mentality. The post itself got a lot of likes and probably a bit of views too.

Like all the other times, the same interactions happened. Contacted on twitter via PM, gave information to them, and waited. Waited. And waited. By 3 weeks of them telling me they would have shipped it out, I asked about it. They said everything was packed up and waiting in the trunk of their car. She added that it had been a busy 3 weeks and therefore they haven’t went to the post office yet. She assured me she would go the week after.  I didn’t want to offend them by asking for a photo of the packages. I should have, but I thought it would be rude on my part since it was free stuff. Who knows, she could be lying she could not be. We don’t know. It’s her book, and she could have easily said that she didn’t want to ship to me if she didn’t want to. I know how money and time can be.

I waited 3 more weeks and same thing. No feedback or anything. By the second week of December I deleted my twitter PMs to her. Asked her to do the same, in hope there was a honor system, then told her she could keep the books. I only asked for one. It doesn’t take someone that long to ship something out. Or maybe it does. Frankly, I started to get such sketchy vibes from it that I basically tried to do damage control.

Lesson learnt, check for verified twitter accounts and don’t bother getting freebies. If you want to participate in a giveaway, do some research (like I stated in my other posts) before acting on the impulse. It’ll bites you in the ass in the end if you don’t. It’s a shame, I was hoping that book bloggers would be safe, guess not. No one is safe. Gotta be cautious no matter where you are or go.

Lastly, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to say she’s a terrible person for “scamming” me or me saying I’m entitled to my free stuff. It’s her books. And even if she contacts me now and sends it, I won’t want it anymore.

I need to smarten up. Here’s a new goal for next year. Stop being so trusting to everything and everyone around me.

Thoughts on this? Comments? Feel free to leave a comment down below, I would love to hear what you think about this situation.


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