Fuyu Moments #19 – It wasn’t awkward… but you just made it awkward

I was working today at cash, and I hopped over to the other end to restock on bags, as I made my way back to my till a coworker happened to bend down and butt check me. I flew back a bit, apologized and then carried onwards. Nothing wrong with butt checks. It’s body contact. This is stuff I deal with while I’m around my friends. ¬†No big deal right? WELL. Apparently to the guy it was awkward. Even though I brushed it off. I asked him what was so awkward about it. He responds with the fact that his hand wrapped around and touched things.

Listening to him recall his side of the story, I got embarrassed. I remembered that I did feel his hand touch me in the butt as well. It was when I flew back a bit. :/ The memory was enough to make my face flush with embarrassment and I got sheepish from it for a few seconds. Thank god I was bent over to fill up my bag containers. I’m sure no one saw my red face.

It was fine before it was mentioned how weird/awkward it was.

Lesson learnt today, it’s only awkward if you make things awkward.



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