Fuyu Moments #18 – Silly Situations

Situation 1 – Fluffy Dogs

Me: -snuggling dog and telling him what a good doggy he is-

Friend: -looks down at the chaos unfolding and notices something- … Fuyu you wore black pants to my house again?

Me: -pauses and looks at pants then looks up to smile- Yup! It’s the only pants I enjoy wearing!

Friend: -sighs- We’ll have to remember to lint roll you before you leave. And no keeping the fur balls!

Haha despite all the times I visit, I’ll never get over wearing black pants to her house. LOL They’re just too comfy and frankly the fur doesn’t bother me. Allows me to see where the cluster is so I can gather it and attempt to smuggle it out. I always get caught though. :/

Situation 2 – Wrong person

This one is pretty embarrassing. It happens to us all at one point of time, but today I texted my former boss to see if he would drop by to get lunch with the dev team. Apparently, I had the wrong person. They both had the same names on my phone and I just assumed the first one I had was him. LOL turns out I appended Work in front of his name to differentiate the two. OPPS!

Just two situations for now. I can’t remember the other ones, but when I do, I’ll blog about it again.

Have you guys experienced something similar to my situations? If so, how did you guys handle it?


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