Goodreads TBR Unhaul #2

It’s time for another unhaul. The numbers of the To Read List bothers me and the fact that I doubt I’ll actually get to most of them is fairly ironic. Lately, I’ve been stumbling into novels that are ehh, but have been highly recommended to me, or just debut novels that needs more refining. Therefore, a To Read List cleaning is definitely in order. For my first unhaul, I ended up at 145 books and now I’m currently at 151. I must have added some books I thought I would wanna read. Hopefully I can get below 145 with this cleaning and keep it that way for a while.

Not Interested Anymore

The Cage – Ehh.

The Glass Arrow – Looks subpar don’t wanna waste my time on it.

Beastkeeper – Fairy tale retelling that probably wont be great.

The Falconer – Can’t even remember why it’s on my list.

Respawn: Gamer’s guide to life – Looks funny, but I’ll check it out from the library eventually.

Figment – First novel was disappointing.

Circus – First novel was disappointing.

Heir to the Sky – I didn’t even like her other series, why would I subject myself to this one? :/

Ash & Bramble (Ash & Bramble, #1) – Don’t feel like starting a new series based on fairy tale retelling.

Sushi for One? (Sushi, #1) – Nah

Those are just the books I’m for sure no longer interested in. There are others on my tbr list that are kinda questionable, but I’ll have to take more time to reconsider them. For now, taking off these novels from the list seems good enough to me.


What about you guys? Have you guys done an unhaul recently or have you guys read any of these novels? Love to know what you all think. :D


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