It’s been a year~

Hey guys!

Nov 9th was my 1 year anniversary for  Inky Awkto. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. It felt like it was a few months that I mentioned to others I wanted to start fresh with a new blog. Let’s take a look at the evolution of the blog shall we?

First let’s go over the history, for those newcomers, as to why Inky Awkto was made. Inky Awkto came to be when I felt like needed a place to call my own. A place where I could share anything I wanted and not feel obligated to stick to one theme. I worked on Dorkiverse for many years, but the origins story of that blog was made to increase the friendship between my friends by working together and sharing stories as friends. Once everyone left, I didn’t feel right continuing it onwards. That and I felt obligated to do reviews because that’s how Dorkiverse started out to be; a review site.

With Inky Awkto I had a goal at first. The goal was to share my bookish interests with Bookpress and other book loving communities by doing book tags, book reviews and interacting with other bloggers out there. I started getting more into cooking and figuring out recipes to feed myself or my vegetarian mother and I wanted to share that experience with my readers. After a while, I started blogging about my thoughts and interactions with people.

The above gallery gives you a little review on what Inky Awkto was like throughout the year. As you can see there’s a lot of photos of food and cooking. Other photos consist of games screenshots, books/reading habits, and travelling. From the captions you can get a decent view on how I am as a person. If I were to ever meet you on the streets in person, I most likely will be talking in a chipper voice and with lots of enthusiasm. Don’t worry, I’m friendly! I won’t bite, unless you put your arm in front of my face while I’m eating, then there might be a chance. :P

Now, what does the future hold for Inky Awkto?

My goals for Inky Awkto is to continue doing what I’m doing. That means more book reviews, more book tags, more monthly wrap ups, and more cooking series. I’ve been brainstorming a new food series called Fuyu’s Food Adventures, which is a series where I talk about the places I’ve been at(not really reviewing) and the food I’ve tried, but didn’t cook. There’s a feature image and layout already thought out. It’s just a matter of time and effort in order to create it. Below is a sneak peek on what the feature image looks like.

Fuyu Food Adventures 2

Another blog series I’ve been on the fence on is whether I should post more reflective writing. This is a more serious version of Fuyu Moments. I’ve posted some already on here, but I don’t do it often. Most of my reflective writing is to help me understand myself and emotions better. If I were to share my thoughts online, it would be with the hopes that my thoughts and experiences will help someone else feel less alone with their problems. It’s very conflicting because even though I’m a big advocate for reflective writing, I’m also very opposed to passive aggressive writing towards a specific person in hopes they’ll check it out and be ashamed of their actions, you know like the things you see on social media statuses and such. I wrote a separate page on reflective writing, you’re free to check it out.

Anyways, it’s been a great year getting Inky Awkto set up. I’ve met so many amazing people on WordPress and I’m honored to have small instances where we interact with each other. I can’t wait to see what the next few years holds for Inky Awkto.

Thanks for reading! I know this post was a bit more blog related rather than the usual topics I talk about. Hopefully it was an enjoyable read.


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