October Wrap Up – 2016

Happy Halloween guys! Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. I love seeing all the costumes that people create and all of the interesting spooky stories out there. I love scaring myself to a certain extent. Since Halloween falls on a Monday, I won’t be dressing up publicly, but I will be dressing up at home! Stitch onesie!! :D I’ve been meaning to clean up my bookshelf as well, so that might be something I’ll do on Halloween, so possibly look forward to a bookshelf cleaning video. I picked up a tripod recently so that’s why I can start filming these types of videos.

I actually read something this month! I finished up Truthwitch and started reading Into Aether. I got Into Aether as an ARC, but the writing and the plot didn’t speak to me, so I ended up dropping the novel. Next month’s goal is to finish up Lies of Lamora Locke! I’m determined to get it done.


Either than that I spent most of this month practicing my photography. We learnt Landscapes and Architecture this month. I thought landscapes would be one of my weaker subjects, but nope Architecture is. I’m pretty sure at the end of this round of assignments, they’ll be on par with each other. I also started up a 500px account because I figured it would be interesting to have one I guess. More exposure to my work the better? That’s pretty much the reasoning for it.

Nothing exciting happened this month. I realized I spent more time on my phone than otherwise reading, therefore, I decided to remove Reddit and Tumblr off of my phone. It’s been a few days since I have done it and I’ve noticed how often I go pick up my phone to reddit for a bit. It’s honestly quite surprising to me, however, now I can focus on reading actual novels rather than what internet strangers have to say about things.

I did notice that I spend more time on the App Store looking for a game to distract me when I’m on the phone, so I still gotta tackle that issue as well. Cause if I end up finding a game I like for my phone, I’ll end up playing that instead of reading or doing something more productive with my time.

Oh! I swapped service providers for my phone a few days ago as well. I’ve been a long customer with Wind. I started with them since Grade 12, so around five years ago. Back then I didn’t need much, I was happen with my unlimited calling and texting to CAN/USA. I had a blackberry imitator phone and was pretty happy with it. Rock life and all. I could drop it from any height and it would still come back working like new. As I got older, my requirements changed and I was forced to get a new phone from my loving friends. (This was last year btw) From there, I realized I should get data because having no data with a smartphone is basically pointless.

Do you see this beauty? Ahh so well loved. I still have it laying around somewhere. Source: Dorkiverse
Do you see this beauty? Ahh so well loved. I still have it laying around somewhere. Source: Dorkiverse

I found out that Wind’s data wasn’t the best, but I got what I paid for and for $39 a month, I had a pretty decent deal. I recently moved to a location where I’m on the border of Wind’s zone, therefore, I would often never receive texts or have a very long delay with them. The longest I had a text take to travel to the recipient was 2 hours. A 2 hour delay is unacceptable. Being on the border of the zone sucked and got me thinking about switching to another network. One that provided me better coverage and was around the same price. That’s where Public Mobile came in. They have a great deal right now currently, $40/month unlimited provincial calling and texting and 4GB data or something like that. The thing that convinced me to switch was the fact that I get better coverage. Wind never offered coverage in Banff or Red Deer, which caused a few issues for me in the past. With Public Mobile, that shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Here’s hoping everything goes well with them.

I’ve been wanting to bake up some banana muffins, but I gotta wait until my bananas get black before I can bake them up. It’s a long wait indeed. All I want is to taste some yummy muffins.

That’s it for this month! How was your October? Any crazy Halloween plans?


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