Roux Fanci-full Temporary Hair Rinse

The Roux Fanci-full Temporary Hair Rinse is a liquid product with a bit of hair dye to coat your hair temporary. As the name suggests. The colour usually washes off after one shower, or so the product claims. I got the True Steel version from a friend, but you can get this product at Sally’s Beauty Supply store. There’s many locations so hopefully you can find one near you. The product is a stay in product and you don’t need to wash it out like regular dyes. From the name of it, it seemed like a fun product to use and test out how silver would look on me. I currently love my blonde hair and wasn’t ready to make the switch, especially after spending money to have it fixed from a hair disaster.


Anyways, I did some research before applying this to my hair, but ultimately didn’t realize that it would permanently tint my hair silver. I was told by my friends and the internet that it would wash off after one shower. Well in the end, it didn’t really. Most of the dye washed off after a shower, but a bit of it stayed on my hair and now my hair is not light blonde like I like it, it’s more of a tinted silver blonde with some parts of my hair being light silver. To be honest, I feel like it looks blotchy, as if I had silver hair in the past and it’s not just faded out.


The bottle states that you need to have damp hair when applying the product on, so I applied this after my shower. As I applied on the dye, it felt like I was painting my hair with water colours because of the watery consistency. It was fun and you can see the change in your hair quickly. After an hour of applying the dye, I let it set for an hour before going to blow dry it out.

My hair felt gritty as if I had hairspray on my hair. I knew I would feel the product on my hair, but I didn’t think it would be that bad. My hair was indeed a bit more silver than it was before. More like an ash gray. I liked it. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it came out better than I thought.

I did sleep with this dye on my hair because I take night showers. I woke up and was surprised how little of it rubbed off. I still had some rub off onto the towel I was using to protect my pillowcase with, but it wasn’t too bad. Combing my hair in the morning was a bit of a pain because I could feel the gritty nature of the hair. Not to mention that the dye would rub off onto my fingers as I brushed out my hair. It was not fun and I could feel the dye affecting my face. The skin was oily and felt strange, but a face wash helped with that.

The hair dye stayed in my hair throughout the day. It even rained on me at one point and the dye stayed in pretty well. I didn’t notice any fading, which is a good thing.


This product is pretty great if you’re using it to tone and add more silver into your already silver hair, but if you’re looking for a product to paint your hair fun colours for a day, I wouldn’t recommend it. I would use this product again once I get silver hair, so take that as you will.



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