Fuyu Moments #12: Leaf me alone~

I’m quietly laughing at this pun. Don’t worry, the title relates to this story.


I recently got a terrarium from the Home and Design show last weekend and it’s pretty cute! I have two plant things in a large fish bowl. I believe they are called Echeveria? They’re pink and blue. Anyways, I was trying to water the blue one because it was starting to look a bit limp. This entailed me to lift up a few leaves to make sure I was hitting the roots with the water. As I was “carefully” lifting up the leaves I heard a quiet snap. ; ; One of the leaves broke. I was disappointed and sad over this. Disappointed that I managed to hurt my plants the first week I got it, and sad that I hurt the little plant. It’s okay though, plants are resilient. It’ll grow back I hope.


I’m not a plant person. In fact, I’m not sure why I got a terrarium. I guess I was tired of seeing a mess on my desk all the time, so having my terrarium at the place where I usually keep my mess should help me keep my desk clean. In theory this should work, but I’m pretty sure the mess will just gravitate to another area in the near future. For now, I have something nice to look at and a small sense of responsibility to keep these plans alive.


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