Fuyu Moments #11: I’m a what now?

What’s up guys!

The patronus quiz is up on Pottermore! I decided to do it with a couple of friends and I got an Osprey. It’s quite pretty so I’m pleased with myself, however, there were parts of the quiz where I wasn’t paying attention to and it told me to start again and remember my fondest memories. Did anyone get that? Is that scripted or did I mess up?

Isn’t my patronus pretty?

One friend got a dog, the other got a grey squirrel. LOl A SQUIRREL!! That’s just too funny. I actually had no idea what a Osprey was until I googled it. It’s a hawk, a sea hawk. That’s interesting. I’m going to eat my friend’s patronus for breakfast. Kidding.

What did you guys get for a patronus? And what’s your Hogwarts house?


7 thoughts on “Fuyu Moments #11: I’m a what now?

  1. theorangutanlibrarian

    haha love this- even if you do eat your friend for breakfast it’s a great patronus! And I got an ocicat- which was ideal for me cos I always thought I’d get an ocelot (which was not an option but should’ve been) And no, I wouldn’t have wanted an orangutan- that would be like a human getting a human ;)

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