Blue 2S Headphone Review


Blue 2S is wireless headphones that utilizes bone conduction. How they work is that they sit on the outside of your ear on the bone and pumps out music. From there you are able to listen to your music while still being able to hear what’s going around you. I love using these headphones for running. They really stick to my head and there’s no bounce when I run, which I found a lot of the other wireless earbuds and headphones did.

Long at last, I finally found a pair that didn’t fall out when I was running.

For the longest time, I thought bone conduction headphones were scary. Something about it made me think it wasn’t safe, but it is, surprisingly. Or so I say. I did my research on whether or not this stuff is harmful or not, and got no results back. If you think about it bone conduction already exists we just don’t think about it. Have you ever placed your head against the window on the bus or maybe an airplane? You’ll notice that you can hear what’s going on outside while still being able to hear everything around you. These headphones work the same way.

These headphones use bluetooth 2.0 to connect with your device. I use these headphones with my phone, so that I can have my tunes while keeping track of my running progress. I also used them with my 4th generation ipod touch. I was even surprised that the bluetooth was compatible with it. The syncing up process was pretty easy. You hold the power button until they turn on, then you hold the power button until it activates sync mode. From there, the headphones should be displayed on your device and you can sync them up.

Side view of the headphones with the rubber attachment.

The Blue 2S are pretty light. And they have a mic so you are able to answer your phone calls with it on. I tried using it before, but there was a slight delay between my phone and the headphones so I swapped back to normal phone calls. They also come with a rubber attachment that you can add to the headphones to allow it to sit on your head comfortably. I have to use it since my head is apparently too small for it.

The sound quality on them is pretty decent. They’re a little heavy on the bass, but I like them. They’re not the best headphones in the world nor would they want to replace what you currently have, but they are fulfilling a small niche population. The population of runners who enjoy being attentive to the world around them. This will help prevent you from getting ran over, kidnapped, attacked, and etc. LOL Know thy enemy and notice who might be following you.

This might be bad if you’re one of those people that put on music to drown out the world around you.


I love these headphones for my runs. I love being able to hear what’s going on around me while I have my music with me. Is this for everyone? No it is not.



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