Fuyu Moments #10

Ahh animals. Their fluffy and eccentric personality charms me so. It’s a shame that my body and mind do not seem to agree on animals. My mind and heart adores them, yet my body finds them repulsive and does everything in its power to tell my mind that animals are a force to be reckoned with. Dogs? Love them. I cuddle and kiss them all the time. What does that get me in return?  Burning lungs, seizing throats, and itchy eyes. Cats, they are the epitome of hot and cold. I chase them around and attempt to pet them. What does this give me in return? Coughing fits; itchy, burning eyes; and nasal congestion.

The existence of allergy medication does nothing to me. Doesn’t matter when I take them and doesn’t matter if the animal is hypoallergenic, I’ll still have reactions. Woe is me, for I can not have what I love.

LOl a quality post from a person suffering with their allergies. That’s me by the way. :D




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