Ep 10: 호떡 (hoddeok)

Time for another episode on Cooking with Chef Fuyu, which I should note I’m not actually a chef. Haha. In case that wasn’t clear. Only used the title for a bit of whimsy. Now this post is gonna be about my second attempt to make one of my favourite Korean desserts, hoddeok. Of course this pancake can be filled with other ingredients instead of brown sugar, but I like it with brown sugar. :D I was hesitant on blogging about this because I didn’t know the full name of this dish. Luckily, I stumbled onto another blogger’s post about this dish and was able to determine the name of it. Hurray!

The finished product. Looks pretty good right?

Anyways, I used a box mix that I bought from my local Korean grocery store. Seeing how I was using a box mix there would be no way I would have issues recreating the dish right? Wrong. LOL I went wrong somewhere and ended up with half cooked pancakes.

The box I used came with three packets. Flour, yeast and the brown sugar filling. I followed instructions and dumped the flour mixture and the yeast together in a mixing bowl. I stirred them around to make sure it was properly mixed before adding water. From there, it started becoming doughy and I was able to just start kneading it for a bit before sectioning off pieces and rolling them up into balls.

I feel like I added too much water into this mix or I didn’t mix the flour well enough. When I was taking out chunks to form into balls, I felt like the mixture was more sticky than the last time I made this. I’m not really sure if that’s how it was supposed to be. Maybe one of you guys can tell me if it is or isn’t. Anyways, before I formed the balls, I made sure I opened up the brown sugar pack and placed it into a bowl so I could easily add it into the pancakes as I was making them.

The brown sugar mixture.
The brown sugar mixture.

The dough was able to make 8 pancakes. After forming the dough into balls, I take them one by one and add in the brown sugar mixture. I flatten out the ball and scoop some brown sugar inside then I fold the ends to wrap the brown sugar. Once I’m done doing that to all of them, I place them into the pan with the closure facing down. This is so that the ball stays together as you are frying it.

My mistake with these pancakes is that I didn’t bother to flatten them slowly as I was cooking them. So they ended up being puffed up and became harder to cook. Ahh. Next time I’ll get it. :C

That’s all for this episode. What did you guys think of it?


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