Overwatch 3

Another overwatch post! This time to talk about being verbally abused after losing a game. Ahh gotta love jerks like this huh?

I was on quick play practicing Reinhardt cause I suck at him and wanted to get better. Of course I wouldn’t wanna go into competitive and practice him right? That would be stupid. Anyways,  the entire time the team never said anything about my playing. No tips. Nothing. There was a Winston on our team too who was helping me tank. Needlessly to say, we lost that game. Then again our team wasn’t going good if I had 10 eliminations with gold, but that’s another story. Not saying they suck or anything, but I mean the tank shouldn’t have gold in eliminations. The premade 4 we were playing with decided to blow up at me and tell me how much I suck.

Let’s see how I handled this huh?

It started out with the healer being all pissy about dying so much to attackers. Despite my efforts to try to protect her.

This literally came out of no where after her death. I felt bad that I couldn’t protect her as well as I could as a Zarya. As I said, I’m still learning. To be fair, she could have switched if she was getting picked off.

After our game results, the team comes bashing down.

So I tried my best to explain my situation and apologize for not playing as well as others would be. I knew the hero’s skill set and I tried to use his skills to the best of my abilities. I have played a few hours on reinhardt already, so it’s not like I was totally new to the hero. Whatever, I tried. It would have been nice to get tips instead of being bashed like this, but jerks will be jerks. I blocked them and reported them for harassment.

Jerks will flock on any online community. It’s just how you handle them that makes the difference. Don’t let a couple of jackasses affect the rest of your games. :D

Now if you have depression and anxiety and come across situations like this, I can see how it would take a toll on your mental state. It made me feel pretty upset, but I tried hard to not let it get to me. There’s honestly no excuse for jerk behaviour like this. Just because you’re angry doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk. You don’t know what’s going on for that person on the other side of the screen.

To end on a bright note, after I blocked those guys, matchmaking stuck us as opponents. Oh man, it felt so good to constantly be blowing them up with my bombs as Junkrat. I won against them and told them gg :D. Added smiley to rub it in. Yes it was petty, but I was only showing good sportsmanship. Hoody and Scar got so pissed they left. Meh. Salty people gonna be salty. If it was truly my tank skills that affected the results of the game, they would have won once I left their team.

That’s all I have for now for my overwatch adventures. I do have another story about a jerk interaction, that one is much funnier than this. I’ll share it in a later post!


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