Insanity – Review


Jace Cameron

First POV- First in a series, Alice in Wonderland, Indie


A story inspired by Alice in Wonderland coupled with murderous intent. In this story, all of the inhabitants of Wonderland are monsters who have all seeped into Alice’s world and are running amok killing others. This story follows Alice Wonder, who was found guilty of murdering all her classmates. She’s thrown in the asylum where she meets Cater Pillar, a professor that helps convince Alice that she’s not as mad as she thinks. With his help, Alice is on a mission to capture each Wonderland monster and take them back to where they belong.

Goodreads Rating: 2 / 5

My Rating: 1 /5


I enjoyed the concept of this novel. A murderous Alice? Sign me up. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. This novel was poorly executed. From the lack of description of locations and characters, to the simplistic and boring writing structure, there was no ends to the amount of flaws I noticed in this novel. I felt like all of the characters were poorly created. There was virtually no development what so ever. Not only that, but the romantic was unnecessary and it borderline instant love.

There was a lot of scenes that could have been done better such as the scene when Alice needed to find one of the Wonderland monsters. She was getting help via text from Caterpillar and the text like dialogue felt tedious and long winded. Other elements of the story caused me to cringe at how ridiculous the idea was.

Overall this felt like a mess of a novel. The chapters were extremely short and very often offered no progress through the plot. I loved the idea of the premise and I’m very sad that it wasn’t executed properly. It truly could have been a great novel if it was.


5 thoughts on “Insanity – Review

    • DrAwkto

      haha sorry! yeah it honestly sounded like a great book. I put the summary in my own words. the goodreads one was okay.

      I heard queen of hearts or red queen was a good one for Alice in Wonderland

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