Fuyu Moments #9

Back injuries were more serious than I thought. Haha. I managed to overstress it out again.

Who knew it would take so long to recover from them? Then again, it’s my fault for overworking it by running around, going on excessive pokewalks, and hiking. Therefore, I’m stuck to yoga and light stretches until my back gets better. I hate yoga so much. I find it so boring and as a beginner the pose names can be so confusing. However, this needs to be done. Maybe youtube will have some decent yoga workouts.

Do you guys have a favourite yoga routine? If so, please share them with me. :D I’ll appreciate it. haha.

On another note, I had a great weekend going to Banff and Horseshoe Canyon. We had a nice little firepit dinner at Cascade Ponds in Banff National Park. It was nice not to have to buy a fire permit for this area. I was stressing out on whether or not I needed one for this trip. The internet did not provide helpful information for me. Luckily the lady at the park admission booth gave me the correct information I needed for Cascade Ponds.

Anyways, I was the one that built the fire. PEW PEW. Take that. A little city girl starting up dem fires. Haha. All my friends thought I couldn’t do it. Making a fire is easy. LOL such little faith they had for me.

We have fire!!
We have fire!!

On Sunday, I went with a friend to Horseshoe Canyon. It was impressive. So massive and hiking up and down the hoodoos was fun. We took some challenging and creative routes such as going up a chasm when there was an easier path nearby. Or sliding down a steep hoodoo because we needed to get down to ground floor. The less traveled path is always an adventure to take.

The hoodoo we slid down because it was too steep to walk down
The hoodoo we slid down because it was too steep to walk down

Sunday was when I realized I really like climbing on things, but I don’t really like climbing back down. My acute fear of heights kicks in and I get too stiff to properly move back down. My friend might be taking me on more mountain climbing trips if I’m lucky. Haha.


That’s it for my weekend. How was your weekend? Was it any good?


5 thoughts on “Fuyu Moments #9

  1. rakioddbooks

    1. What is hoodoo?
    2. Hoodoo sliding sounds terrifying.
    Hope your back gets better soon!
    I worked on Saturday all day, well 10 hours, then Sunday worked some more, then I drew some stuff for my book review anndd that was it. Exciting this life I lead. *sigh*


    • DrAwkto

      A hoodoo is a rock formation. It’s like a pointy mountain found in the badlands. :D

      LOL yeah it was pretty terrifying. The fear of slipping and rolling down a massive slope of loose sandstone and volcanic rock was real.

      ooh drawing is fun. :D I’ve been playing We Happy Few for a while. It’s still early access, but it’s a great game! I think you might like it.

      Liked by 1 person

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