Overwatch Stuff 2


Another dump of my overwatch gameplay gifs.

I battled many weeks thinking about how I wanted to use this post to complain about the toxic players I have encountered, but you know what? Eventually, I learnt to stop caring about them. Sure meeting a few of them sucks, but there’s no sense to dedicate an entire post to them and my bad experience with them.

Competitive mode finally came out! I tried it a few times and I learnt that I still have a few more heroes to learn before I’m a good asset to the team. Most of the heroes I play are not attackers or snipers. Oh gosh, snipers will most likely be the last role I practice. I’m not the best at aiming.

Here’s an old wombo combo gif. (as you can tell I had this post in drafts for a while)


My first competitive game I was actually forced into being a sniper. I was so scared. They kept hinting at me, who was a Junkrat at the time, to change into something with more focus. I switched after my death and then quickly died as a Hanzo. When I called for a swap with me, no one replied so I kept at it. My team was pretty understanding though. Since I spoke up about my skill level with Hanzo they did what they could to make it easier for me to focus on shooting. Eventually I did, focus down the Zarya that was causing us issues. It was kinda nice to hear my team encourage me with my hits.

After a few more competitive games, I realized I need to play more heroes. I do not want to be one of those team mates that say they’re only good at  X and Y and refuse to switch because of it.

I started learning Pharah in Quick Plays, and to my surprise I was able to get PotG on my first round. It’s actually a decent one, so I’ll link it down below. :D

I find it soo embarrassing when I get PotG and you can see how bad I am with the hero. ; ;

Haha, I was teased for this play of the game with the enemy team. Not only did I have a default highlight intro, but I also died shortly after this play to the Symmetra. Oh, and we lost the game, but it’s nice to be recognized. If only I didn’t bump into that wall over there. Here’s some more gifs. The last two are from competitive mode. I know we won the game with that mercy play, but I think we lost with the zarya one. There’s more gifs on my streamable account, feel free to check it out. I believe this might be my last overwatch gif dump for this blog. :D thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Overwatch Stuff 2

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    • DrAwkto

      Hi Dana,
      Thanks for reaching out to me with this opportunity. If you would like to share more details about this, please contact me using the “Talk to the Tavern Keeper” page.
      Appreciate you stopping by!

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