Fuyu Moments #7

Energy drinks. The bane of my existence. Although I do believe it’s caffeine in general that is the bane of my existence. I should really think before I drink them. I had a can with 170mg of caffeine at 7pm. It’s currently 4am and I can’t sleep. :/ I can feel my body feeling tired but I can’t sleep. That and once I had a few sips of it, I had a massive stomach ache, now I’m dealing with hard of breathing, some chest pains(?), and elevated heart rate. LOL then again I could be just imagining this.

Anyways, I’ve played some games, looked at camera bags, and did some planning for the rest of the week. And I’m still not sleepy. I’m going to try laying in bed, maybe the comfort will knock me out. Haha. It’s a shame because I gotta be up early for errands and lunch with friends. That and we might be doing some photoshoots/camera practice as well. I’m stoked about that. It’ll be nice to use my telescopic lens for once.

If I find anything good, I’ll post it on my flickr account. Here’s hoping I fall asleep!

End of Fuyu rambles. Beep.

4:14 AM: oh hey look. the sun is coming up. lol yup thats not a good thing.

5:30 AM: Watching comedy skits before bed is not a good idea.

7:35 AM: I woke up to the sound of dishes battling each other. Seems like the cups have won.

9:00AM: Ugh. Alarm clocks should sound nicer when they are waking you up.

9:15 AM: I’m out of bed. Yay. I feel great. Good nap. Good nap indeed.

7:30 PM: I still have no idea how I’m still awake.


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