A New Book Journal

As I spoke about in my last post, I’ll be starting a new book journal to keep better track of the books I read and the thoughts I had for it. My thoughts for the book journal will be filled with spoilers and have unfiltered thoughts of the books. I know on Goodreads when I update my status, I have to be very careful not to write in a spoiler because someone else might be reading my status. At least in a book journal I’ll have a safe haven for my thoughts, where I know I won’t be judged. I’m a pretty strict reader so I don’t overly hype or fall in love with novels, unless they are truly good.


The more hype a novel or other form of media is the more critical I am when I start reading the novel. Bokumachi and Red Queen are very good examples of that. Everyone raved about how amazing these two things were, but when I watched/read them I felt like they were decent. They were nothing to be raving over about. Especially Red Queen. Sure the premise for the novel was great, but so many parts of the novel was convoluted and weak.


My bad, I digressed.


Point is, I’ll be able to review my initial opinions on a novel and be able to critically analyze whether or not my thoughts hold water or not. I’m also very excited for the new structure of my book journal.

First off, I’ll be numbering the pages so I can refer back to them. Then first two pages will be reserved for a table of contents.

Each entry will start on the left side of the book and will have the other page to work with as well. I’ll try my best not to have blank pages because it’ll ruin the flow of the book journal. That and if I’m more attentive on maintaining the journal, two pages will be filled in no time.

Each entry will start with the title, author, and date started. Along with some information on the narrative. The second page will have the rating on top of it. That way I’m utilizing both pages.

I’ll share some photos of my book journal once it gets fleshed out some more. :D Until then, thanks for reading!



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