Book Journal and Other Ways to Record Reading

Hey guys!

I was digging through my stuff and I stumbled upon my reading journal! I got it from a giveaway in the past. It’s a hard cover journal with owls on it! I totally took a photo for my instagram page. Haha. Why not right?

Apparently, I kept this journal from 2013- summer 2015 and it’s nearly filled up with entries of my thoughts about the novels I read. Most entries have brief thoughts on the novel and characters. They take up about a half a page to about a page, which caused the structure to get wonky and disorganized. It was my first book journal so it makes sense that I was still trying to find how I wanted to fill out my entries.

Anyways, after going through the book journal again, I felt compelled to finish the remaining pages off, but I didn’t like the gap between the entries. It’s not like I stopped reading from summer 2015 until now. I just stopped recording down my thoughts. At the time I felt like it was a lot of work to carry around my books and my book journal, but now I realize how valuable the journal is. Every so often I would go through the pages check to see which books I have read and what I thought about them.


The structure of this book journal was title, author, and date started and finished would be on the top left hand corner. Afterwards there would be thoughts on writing, general opinion, characters, and plot. On the top right hand corner you can see a 5 star rating system based on what I thought the book deserved in a objective matter. And if I found some quotes I liked, I would use stickies to over lay them on top of the other words. Layering is fun.


As you can see my entries are kinda all over the place. 2014 on one side and 2013 on the other. Made it a nightmare to find.

I’m pretty sure I stopped taking notes down because I started using Goodreads more. Despite how easy and fast it is for me to update my thoughts on a novel, I’ve been getting bored with Goodreads lately. Most reviewers that I follow all think the same and review the same way. Almost all the reviews are subjective and the rating system doesn’t cater well to my own interests. I have a low rating system because I don’t have many books that I absolutely love and such. Complaints aside, I still like using Goodreads and meeting new people on there is great. I love the compare book features that the site has. haha it’s no surprise that I have an average of 60% compatibility rate with most reviewers. I’m going to try keeping better records in a new book journal as well as Goodreads and see how that plays out.


How do you guys record your thoughts? Do you guys have a book journal? Or just stick to Goodreads? And if you do have a book journal, how do you structure yours?



6 thoughts on “Book Journal and Other Ways to Record Reading

  1. rakioddbooks

    Cute journal!
    I don’t usually record my thoughts, I just wait until I finish the book to write my review. The exception is when I hate a character or book so much that i have to rant. Then I write little notes on Goodreads when I update how many pages I’m on lol

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        • DrAwkto

          Ehh, if you end up not keeping up with the journal you can use the rest of the notebook for scrap work, notes, blog drafts, etc. haha I have a notebook where I used it fully but the content is pretty much random notes of stuff. It’s fairly interesting to go through, and it’s much more put together than loose leaf paper. Can’t stand having random papers laying around. Looks more messy imo.

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