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Be one with the payload. Be one with the payload. I always thought Zenyatta was on crack when he would say that line, who knew it was actually possible to become one with it. Well with Tracer that is. If you’re reading this and you know what I’m talking about great, if not, here’s a link to the gif + reddit thread where I first discovered that it was possible.

Upon seeing this gif, we decided to test out whether or not this could be a viable way to push a payload in a real game. We loaded up a custom game and started going at it. I was able to get into the payload after a few attempts. What you want to do is stand in front of the payload as it travels in a fairly straight line, around 2-3 seconds use your E to get back to your original location and you should be inside the payload.

Payload Life - Overwatch
Being in here is kinda cozy.

If you wanna leave the payload, just E back out once the payload is moving. Or use your ult to kill yourself off. You can crouch many times in the payload to escape, however, this has a smaller chance of working. I think it depends on where you are inside the payload. Now the question is, would this be viable in a real game? Yes and No. The payload will still move because it registers that you are near it, but it is possible to kill Tracer inside the payload because you can see her little carrot legs sticking out of the payload. Haha.

Carrot Legs - Overwatch

Therefore, you can use heroes with rocket launchers or any skill with AOE to kill her.

Heroes that we tested:

Pharah – Normal attack works. Her concussive blast will not.

Junkrat – As long as you get your bombs between Tracer’s legs and under the payload it’s good. Anything that hits the side will not affect Tracer. His mine will not work against this. It takes patience to get it in between her and the payload the right way. It’s easier and faster to kill with the bombs.

Solider 76 – Aim the missiles at the legs, should work.

Zarya – Rocket launcher

Reinhardt – E works if you aim it right. The hammer will not. Ult will stun Tracer and be able to kill her off.

Bastion – Can shoot the legs under the payload.

I’m sure there are more heroes that can deal with a stuck Tracer, but these are the ones we tested.

Now if you were against an enemy that didn’t realize you were inside a payload then this is a pretty sneaky way to get the payload moving. If you think about it, it’s easy to over look a missing Tracer because you’re too busy defending/killing to notice. (Maybe) Fun fact, depending on where Tracer is in the payload, she is able to deal damage from the inside.

Tracer Dmg - Overwatch
If you can see on the right side of the payload, Tracer is shooting at the friendly Zenyatta.

I stood on top of the payload to defend it and Tracer was able to shoot me from below. It was fairly interesting. It’s definitely something funny to pull off during a game, but don’t count on it to win the game for you. Anyways, that’s pretty much all the information I have on this strategy. If you find anything more information on this feel free to leave a comment down below. :D

Happy gaming!


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