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What’s up guys?

As I talked about in my May Wrap Up, I have been gaming lately. More specifically, I’ve been playing Overwatch. I think I clocked in more than 30 hours in the game already. There is so many good things to say about this game. Graphics, gameplay, and lore are excellent and in-depth. It is very pleasant. I love being able to learn more about the world inside Overwatch. The community is not that bad either. If you haven’t checked it out, I recommend trying it out if you’re fine with multiplayer fps games.

After a session of playing Overwatch, I review my highlights to see if I did anything entertaining. I use ShareX’s screen recording feature to record the highlights and I use Streamables to store them. Here’s some mentionable gifs I’ve taken. I’ll add some context on why I think they were so appealing to me.

I’ve been practicing Zarya lately and she’s pretty fun to play with. Her ult took some getting used too. I could never time it right, so when I finally got it right, I was ecstatic. You could tell my aiming still needs a bit of work for her, but overall I helped my team get some kills. It was great they followed up. I once got 5 people with my ult, but no one followed up with it, so I was standing there smacking them with my rocket launcher. 

Junkrat is my second favourite character to play. Tossing bombs is great fun. Haha. And doing things like this rewarding. After clearing those enemies out of the way, my teammates cleaned up and we were able to win. They were so close to the point as well. :D

This one actually was shown after the game was over. Haha. I think we lost this game, but still pretty cool. I was able to kill Symmetra soon after the highlight ended. It was a triple kill, but the game decided not to show it, which was kinda sad. Cause looking at a bell was not fun. It did protect me from harm though.

There’s some more gifs on my streamable profile. Nothing too amazing about them unfortunately.

To finish this post off, here’s some fanart that I doodled during my breaks from the game.

Does this guy even have a name yet? Onion octopus at your service. He wishes everyone would stop abusing him and his friends, who look exactly like him.


Snowball! This one was a bit trickier to do. Still another doodle. I’m not the best artist, but it was fun working on this guy.

Yup. See you in the next post, that is if I find/commit any awesome plays.


4 thoughts on “Overwatch Stuff 0

    • DrAwkto

      Thanks! Yeah it’s one of my favourites of this year. Lots of my friends play it so it’s a good bonding time experience. That and soo many silly things happen during the game. hehe.

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