Ep 7: Chicken Alfredo and Waffles? – Ft Friends

Alright it’s another episode of Cooking with Chef Fuyu! This time we’re making Chicken Alfredo and Ta wanted to make some Belgium waffles. At first we wanted to make an Avocado and Sun Dried Tomato pesto pasta because we wanted to try something new for a change. We found this recipe on reddit.

Look how great it looks! We wanted to give a vegan dish a try. Additionally, we did have an idea to prep some meat to go along this dish in case some people didn’t want to take the vegan route. The morning of the cooking event, we were all happy and getting the ingredients ready that’s when the host realized they didn’t have a food processor to make the pesto. Ack! We had to switch gears last minute and make some Chicken Alfredo instead. I don’t even remember which recipe we used for this dish, but it came out alright. Not great, but not overly bad.

Here is our ingredients for the dish.
Here is our ingredients for the dish.

Most of the time spent for this was divided into prep and cooking.

With prep out of the way, it’s time to cook up some stuff. The pasta at this point has not been cooked yet. We actually forgot to cook the pasta beforehand. Next time we’ll remember to do this. We only noticed the pasta wasn’t on the stove right after we finished off all the cooking for the meat and sauce. Therefore, our pasta ended up slightly on the raw side and under seasoned because we were in a rush to get it cooked. Opps.

Once all of this was done and we finished cooking the pasta it was time to put everything together. The sauce was very minty. We definitely added to much mint to the sauce. But that’s alright. It tasted good. It helped cover the sadness of the overcooked chicken, and bland pasta.

I'm glad I didn't get too much of it.
I’m glad I didn’t get too much of it. It looks better than it tastes.

Once dinner was done, Ta started working on his waffles, however, during his cooking process the yeast didn’t rise to the height he needed to make fluffy waffles. And the waffles ended up not being as fluffy as we expected. Being the creative man Ta is, he decided to make his concoction into something else. Pan-Pitas. Sounds weirder than it really was. The end result was pretty tasty. I didn’t have too much of it, but it was an interesting experience watching him cook.

That’s it for this cooking episode. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Cooking with friends is a great hobby. Not only is it fantastic bonding time, but it helps us practice important skills.


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