May Wrap Up – 2016

May was not a good month for reading. It was a good month for gaming.

I’m level 43 on Tree of Savior, finally a barbarian. One step closer to Corsair life! I’m also been playing a lot of Overwatch lately and using ShareX to record some highlights that I like. I’ll create a post with some of the gifs I made. I found some motivation from r/thesims to try to create a town square. I’m thinking of putting a cafe, bookstore, boutique, and a small sitting area outside where people can hang out. There’ll definitely be a town fountain in the middle of it. I’ll post photos after I’m done, if it turns out okay. Anyone excited for the dine out expansion?

Apart from that, I did a lot of cooking and catching up on some anime. I finally finished up Haikyuu and Ladybug! Ahh. :D Haikyu!! was so intense. I had to pause every so often to get my heart rate down.

Goals for June: 

Finish up Insanity, which shouldn’t take too long. It’s not a very good novel.

Catch up for Lies of Locke

Attempt competitive play for Overwatch

How was your May? Was it any good?



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