Scam Week – Conclusion

Wow what a week huh? If you have been following from start to finish, I hope you found it informative or at least entertaining. If you are just getting started with Scam Week, enjoy! There’s tons of situations where I could have been more attentive to the obvious signs. I learnt that I need to take time before rushing into a decision. Whether it’s job related or online purchases. It’s fine to take a few days to think about it before taking any actions.


The experiences with Amway and Vector Marketing made me bitter towards the world. I didn’t like how people went out to contact me through LinkedIn for an offer like that. I didn’t trust anyone and frankly, I grew tired of wanting to job hunt because of those experiences. I saved their messages so I know what to look for the next time someone contacts me on there. To be fair, I got contacted 3 weeks after by a company with a job position. This time I was smart enough to look them up and try to investigate the position before contacting them. Once I did, it turns out they wanted a full-time and not a summer student. That’s alright. :D So not every interaction on LinkedIn will be a pyramid scheme reel, but it’s still great for me to be on my toes.


Eventually, time went on and I realized those experiences helped me see that not everything out there was all happiness and rainbows like how I believe the world to be. I’m not as naive as I was before, but I’m still very optimistic about the world. These things won’t get me down! I still distrust people, but that’ll change as more time pass by.


In terms of online shopping, I limited my purchases the last few months. I had other experiences where I received my ordered item, but turns out I liked it better on the model rather than myself. Or that the outfits I thought the item would look great in turned out to look bad instead. There’s too many factors into online shopping. Is the site a scam? Is the item going to be what I’m looking for? Too many factors and questions. I once bought 3 detached collars because I loved the layered look, but when I wore them, they were uncomfortable and just felt like I was wearing a very small shirt. I didn’t like it at all, so I ended up not bothering with them again. :C


Now, I only buy from places I trust, such as PSN, and Steam. As you can tell, I basically buy games online rather than clothing nowadays.


Overall, I’m able to see what a red flag might be and how to deal with it when I notice it. I think that was the most important lesson I learnt throughout the entire array of experiences. What did you think? Did you guys like listening to the stuff I put up with? Was it boring?


I’ll love to know what you guys think and whether or not you have fallen victim to a scam before.


2 thoughts on “Scam Week – Conclusion

  1. rakioddbooks

    I fell victim to a scam once. I was looking for this specific Korean product that I just couldn’t find anywhere. Then boom! Like a miracle this website had it! Yay! I bought it, spent like $40 and never received it. Back then I was young and unwise to the world of internet and online purchases. So I didn’t know I could go to my bank or I might have been PayPal and open up a case etc. So I lost my money and I was sad and disappointed. I’ve fallen victim to scams on eBay too as a seller. People making false claims like “i didn’t authorize this payment” or “I never received my item” etc and eBay and PayPal with their shitty rules screwed me over.

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    • DrAwkto

      Yeah sometimes ebay and online shopping isn’t the best method of obtaining things. :C Sorry to hear that you fell under a scam too. I actually opened up a claim with paypal for my Assassin hoodie. After I opened up the claim, 3 weeks later I got the sweater. So that was fun.

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