Vector Marketing

Ahh, saving the best for last. I stumbled on to these guys while job hunting on, late at night as well. Don’t job hunt while being sleepy. If you’re like me, you won’t think about what you’re applying for. :C


Anyways,  they had advertisements on each page stating they had jobs for students. When you click on the posting it brings you up to a site called Work for Students. Notice the icon on the left hand corner, it’s the logo for Vector Marketing. These guys pay on an appointment basis. They sell knifes and you have to find clients by either cold calling or getting friends to check out the demonstration. I also never heard of them until today. Apparently they have students on UofC campus constantly trying to rope other students into the operations.


I signed up for an interview on the site and at 10am the next day, I get a call from them. The girl on the other side of the phone started up our conversation with small talk. What major was I in, how many years I had left, did I like my major, etc. It was pretty pointless to be frank. She then tells me I have an interview that same day at 6pm. I was shocked, that is way to fast and usually we get a few days notice on interviews, so I told her I can’t make it and for her to find another time. She sighs and tells me they’re “booked” fully, but she’ll see what she can do about it.


She said this statement to show how busy their company was and how many people would be interviewed for the position. She tells me I got an interview the next day at 6pm. Why 6pm? I have no idea. What company operates that late anyways? The lady proceeds to tell me that this job will provide many skills that will assist me with my future jobs and degree. It was the most bullshit I have ever heard. I’m a computer scientist, how is selling unknown product going to help me develop skills? I asked her about the details on the position and what I would be doing. She blows me off with some vague answer and tells me that the person I’ll be meeting will tell me all about the position. Red Flag, which I failed to notice as well.


That night, I questioned the validity of the exchange and decided to ask my friends about it. Once they heard about vector marketing they told me to stop and get away from them as fast as I can. Haha. I have great friends. They were shocked at how I never heard about Vector Marketing before and wondered where I lived during my entire 4 years at uni. Anyways, I decided that night to call up and cancel my interview.


The next day comes and I do exactly that. The funny thing is no one picked up, so I leave a message with my name, number, and that I would be cancelling my appointment. I also tweet about Vector Marketing being a scam. Their PR tweets me back claiming they are a direct marketing business model and goes on to explain what goes on with their process. LOL I found it kinda of pathetic how they wanted to do their best to convince the public that they were not a pyramid scheme when others had told me about how much they had to pay monthly to keep working for Vector Marketing.

If you click on the tweet, you’ll see the entire conversation I had with Vector Marketing. That night, I received an email from Vector Marketing about how I missed my interview and they wanted me to call into explain why I missed it. If I didn’t call in, they would keep calling me and try to set up another interview. This was sketchy as hell. Usually in the real world, if you miss an interview you miss it. You don’t get a call back to reschedule. Life doesn’t work that way. This is the point where I get angry. I specifically called them that morning multiple times and left a voice mail cancelling my appointment. I call them up right after reading the email, and leave a clear voice message in their inbox stating that I had cancelled my appointment that morning and they must never call me ever again because they are too incompetent to even check their own voice mail.

Needlessly to say, they never called me back again.

Hopefully this helps you make informed decisions on whether or not Vector Marketing is for you. They provided me with too many suspicious interactions that I don’t wanna deal with them anymore.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below.


2 thoughts on “Vector Marketing

    • DrAwkto

      Hahah! Smart. For some reason, I never encountered them at all. I’ve been job hunting on some sites, and all their “job” positions are spamming the job search sites I use. It’s soo annoying. At least now I know what they are so I avoid it.

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