Goodreads TBR Unhaul

I am totally guilty for having a large TBR list on Goodreads with barely any intentions to finish it. After I saw Katherine do an unhaul post, I decided to follow suit. Starting at 164 novels, let’s see how low we can get by the end of this unhaul, shall we?

Giveaway Books

Once Upon a Time – Err, I wasn’t interested in this novel at all. Giveaway most likely?

Sticks and Stones – Giveaway maybe?

UnHappenings – Most likely because I entered a giveaway and lost interest in the novel.

The Fox Court – umm. What? Why?

The Night Itself – Looks great, but I doubt I’ll find this around.

Perdido Street Station – I really have got to stop adding random giveaway books to my TBR. Actually, I don’t even recall doing this one. I wonder if someone else added it on my account.

Not Interested Anymore

All of our Yesterdays – Yeah, not interested. Was interested, too much effort to get it to read

Strands of Bronze and Gold – Not interested in it anymore.

American Girl on Saturn – I think this was recommended to me and I just put it on my TBR list to be nice.

No More Confessions – I will read this if I see it in the library, if not, I rather not bother.

For the Love of Hades – I’m pretty sure I put this on my TBR list when I was having that Hades obsession a while back. haha :/

It’s not You, It’s Me 

Girl Online – Will read if available, won’t put this on my list anymore though. Don’t care enough for it. The premise seems interesting though.

Books I Gave Up Trying to Find

Valiant – I rather not order online if I have to.

Once Upon a Fairy Tale – I’m kinda sad I can’t find a copy of this. It seemed so interesting.

Adorkable – Sounds so cute, but I’m not paying $10 for this potential flop.

Roses – A mix of gave up and a mix of not interested any more.

That’s all the books I’ll be taking off from my TBR list for now. I know there’s a lot more books I stopped caring about, but it takes time to clean out trash. haha. My TBR list is now at 145 novels, which is a small dent in the large problem. At least it’s progress! Feels good to take so many books off of my tbr list.


Have you guys heard of any of these books I’ve taken off? If so, did you like them, dislike them? I’ll love to hear your thoughts on these novels.



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