Market America

Throwing you guys another pyramid scheme. This one is probably one of the best examples of what a pyramid scheme looks like. For Market America, there is a tier system. Unfortunately, I experienced this through my parents, who believed that they could make big money off of this business venture. It’s a shame that what came out of it was a strained family relationship and a few years of loss money. Not to mention, my parents lost some good friends because they tried to get them to join them.


My parents were convinced by a friend at their temple that Market America was the best and that they were making so much money for it. Each month they got a thousand dollar cheque for not even doing anything. They informed my parents that they would make more money if they sold more products to customers. To hammer in how “legitimate” the process was, they showed my parents a cheque they had gotten from Market America.


The only catch is that they needed to enlist two other people “underneath” them in order to get the money. My parents signed up to be underlings for this dude, and each month they would pay a subscription fee for just being a part of Market America. Guess where this money went? The people higher up from them. They spent years trying to find people to enlist underneath them, and managed to get a few. Despite everyone telling them it was a scam, they kept believing because they would voice their concerns to that friend. Obviously that friend would tell the others that it was a real operation.


Each month they got a magazine highlighting all of the amazing members and they also displayed a list of people who got paid that month and how much they were paid. I took a look at it and searched up my parent’s friend’s name. Turns out that liar was being paid 375 each month. That’s a big difference from the thousands of dollars they claimed they were getting. I showed the evidence to my parents and they still didn’t believe me. I basically gave up after that. If they wanted to waste money and ruin relationships over it, be my guest. Not my problem anymore.


After a while, my parents realized that Market America was a waste of money and they stopped renewing their subscription fee. Their friend was a little distraught that they cancelled, but understood why they cancelled. Two people didn’t make a difference to him because he traveled all over the country enlisting other gullible desperate people who just wanted to make some money for themselves.


It’s a shame that my parents fell for something like this, and I hope none of you guys have to experience something like this in the future.


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