Time to enter into the pyramid scheme side of this week. Let’s start off with Amway. This is big name pyramid scheme company and for some reason I never heard of them until this year. I live under a massive rock that’s for sure. If it wasn’t for my friends who told me to watch out for them, I might have fallen victim to this girl’s trap.


At the start of this year, I finally started my LinkedIn account. I was slowly building my professional network, a few months later I got a message from a person over at UofA. She contacted me because she was looking for people to work on her business project with her. I called her up to get more details and she said that it was a mix of Amazon and Facebook combined. It seemed like an interesting project to work on and she made it sound like she needed a software developer for this. Therefore, I gladly created a meeting with her.


This person also asked and connected with a few of my buddies so I thought they knew her already. A day before the meeting, I asked one of my buddies how they knew the person. They told me that she randomly added them and asked them if they were interested in helping her with a business project. That should have been another red flag to me, but I ignored it. If you followed my posts earlier this week you’ll realize how bad I am with identifying red flags.


Anyways, I meet up with this girl with some suspicions. Lo and behold it was a meeting to join her Amway team. She did her best to convince me it wasn’t a pyramid scheme and that corporations in the industry are pyramid schemes as well, with the CEO being on top, hiring minions to help them with stuff. The thing about corporations vs Amway is that working at a corporation provides more stability.


She was very offended at how closed minded I was to the entire thing, which I dont’ understand why. I listened to her entire explanation and told her that just because the business model didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it didn’t work for others, like herself. It was very clear she was trying to force me into joining her team. So I bought more time, and fished for more information out of her. I was searching for more information on Amway to support my belief that they were a pyramid scheme. Anyways, it was an entertaining 20 mins of my life.


I could go on about this experience, but we can stop there. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask them down below.


Moral of this story: If someone wants to look for people to support their e-commerce team, don’t bother with them. :D


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