Overwatch – More Opinions!

It’s been a few days since open beta closed and I’ve been wanting to play more of it ever since. May 24th, please come faster. -plops- I believe I was able to put in about 16+ hours into that game. For a fps game, the controls and animations are very smooth. The game doesn’t have that walking animation that other games do, which makes my experience all the more better. I have a tendency to get motion sick when games implement a bouncy, walking animation.


I’ve met some interesting people on Overwatch. Some sold muffins, others were pillars of salt, and others were a delight to play with. I really hope the community doesn’t become trash like League is now. :/ Playing league alone makes me sad inside. Then again, I’m a terrible player so maybe that’s why. Haha.  The built-in voice chat is actually very good and I have used it with my group of friends when we were too lazy to go on discord. I love it when team mates are more vocal with one another, such as notifying the team where a bastion is camping out or where an annoying widowmaker is.


Being able to play during the open beta weekend was great, it gave me an opportunity to see what a wonderful game Overwatch is. I would have never considered playing Overwatch if it wasn’t for the beta, and that’s because I didn’t like fps games. I had tried tf2 in the past and only got a few hours of enjoyment before getting bored and moving on to something new.


That being said, I’m definitely picking up a copy of the game now, and even if my friends aren’t going to play with me, I’m comfortable enough to solo queue with strangers. It’s going to be a long wait for me. At least I can read while I wait for the game to come out right? Haha… Overwatch took over my reading time. 



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