Benzi Shop Scam

Awe man, here’s another post for scam week! This time I’ll be talking about Benzi Shop. Now unlike AssassinsHoodies, this one is a complete scam. I never received my item from this site and they used very sketchy tactics to seem less suspicious.


Again, this story starts off with a friend telling me about this free Toothless plushie from BenziShop. I should really do my own research, instead of relying on the words of a friend. No offense guys, but that’s the second time I fell for something like this. My fault really, but still not fun.

The plushie in question
The plushie in question

Now the only catch for the plushie was that we had to pay for shipping. Not bad right? I wasn’t even expecting the plushie to be good quality. I thought the plushie would be a great gift for a friend who LOVES How to Train Your Dragon. I placed the order for one plushie. After the order confirmation interactions, I was given a receipt and shown a google maps image of my address. The site told me to visit the page again to track my order.


A week later, I still didn’t get my shipping confirmation which is odd, but they promised that items would be shipped out in 2-10 days, so I wasn’t too worried. I checked the order page they told me to check and it was still a google maps image of my address. I guess this should have been a red flag to me, but I’m no good with red flags.


Three weeks later, I don’t have the plushie or a shipping confirmation, so I contacted support about it. I got no reply. Three days after, I get an email with a shipping confirmation of the item, but no tracking number. I go to check the order page for where my order is, and the google maps widget is still pointed to my house. At that point in time, I basically felt like this was a scam and did some digging around. At that point of my life, I was taking Computer Networks, so I knew how to investigate into IPs and figure out who own what website. (only if they didn’t get the protection for their URL)


I went on and checked up the information on the website and all those fun things. I used the waybackmachine to figure out how long this site has been active, and it started up around the same time my friend told me about the sale. I had enough evidence to believe I was victim to a scam, therefore,  I called up my CC company and disputed the order. I got the money back, and it’s been 3 months now and the plushie is still not here.


It’s safe to say that it’ll never be coming. Also, the toothless plushie goes on sale all the time as a daily freebie. Don’t bother ordering from this site.


Have you heard of Benzi Shop? If so, have you ordered anything on there as well? What are your experiences?


3 thoughts on “Benzi Shop Scam

  1. Benzishop Team

    Dear Customer,
    We’re very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at It’s our goal to deliver the highest quality of service to all of our online customers so we’d love to learn a little bit more about what prompted your feedback. We look forward to speaking with you.


    Benzishop Team


    • DrAwkto

      If you read my post, you would understand what my feedback was. my item never came, and no one replied to my emails. lol.

      to be fair, I’m pretty sure this is a spam comment as well. thought I should reply to it anyways cause it seemed interesting if I did.


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