Introducing the Inn

What’s up guys?

Here’s another feature to Inky Awkto. Since Inky Awkto is somewhat of a “tavern” I decided to add an Inn to the place. It’s a widget over on the sidebar. It’s allow you to chat with me and other fellow bloggers (if they decide to join) about random things on the blog or whatever you feel like talking about. Sometimes, it’s hard to chat with someone about something completely random on a blog post, so hopefully this widget will encourage the community to chat with one another? Kinda like a Skype group.


If you want to use the chat in another tab, you’re welcome to. The chat can be used in a tab or through the widget. The Inn will allow anonymous accounts, as well as, facebook and twitter accounts. So it’s up to you how you want to join the channel. :D


Worse case scenario is that people use it as a guestbook, which is completely fine with me as well. Here’s hoping this works! Haha.


Talk to the Tavern Keeper

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