LeoGray Scam – Otherwise known as Assassin Hoodies

Alright, let’s start off with something that happened to me a few years ago, around Oct 2014, to be exact. I noticed how awesome a friend’s sweater was and wanted to know where they got it from. They recommended me to check out AssassinsHoodies.com, currently known as LEOGARY.com. That’s what I did and I ended up finding a sweater I liked. It was on sale, but for a limited time and the sale was going to end in a few days. That should have been a red flag to me, since the same sweater I bought ended up being on sale again for the same price a few weeks later. Not to mention there was some lame scripting on the site to notify you whenever someone else “bought” an item from the site. Regardless, I ended up picking up the Assassin III hoodie because I liked the asymmetrical zipper design. What I ended up with was a sweater that didn’t look like the photo and 2-3 months worth of headaches. Should have listened to the red flags.



As you can see from the gallery above, the image I saw on in the store was not the same as the sweater I have gotten in the mail. That’s usually fine since online shopping is a gamble. You never know if you’ll get the exact item. What bothered me the most was that it look around three months to get to my place. This was incredibly sketchy and my interactions with their support team was excruciating. 


I had contacted the support team after the 4th week of not receiving the sweater. My friend had gotten his within 3 weeks, so I thought it was strange how long my sweater was taking. I asked support for a tracking number which they have promised to give me, but never did. Every time I contacted support I would have to wait 5-7 days before a reply, if I even got a reply. By 6 weeks in, I contacted Paypal and filed a dispute. After filing the dispute, I was finally able to get a tracking number for my sweater. It surprises me how it took them over a month to send my shipping confirmation as well as a tracking number when their support team promised me it would only take a week at max.


Strange, strange.


I finally got my sweater 9-10 weeks after I placed the order. I was alright with the overall quality of the sweater. My friend and I compared the sweaters together and we concluded that his was a much better quality. In fact, our sweater brands aren’t even the same thing. We theorized that the company just pulls whatever sweater they find in the stores over in China that matches the image and ships it overseas. LeoGary/AssassinHoodies are based in China. The person I paid over Paypal was Chinese and my sweater was shipped from China. I have ordered from companies based in China, and very few times my orders come in months after I have ordered it. This experience was the longest I have ever waited to receive my order.


Anyways, after a few wears, the sweater pilled fast, so I ended up not even bothering to wear it. The sweater was not worth my experience with Assassins Hoodies support team. Not to mention going back to look at all my emails from them, they kept using different emails to contact me. Majority of the emails came from Oberlo.com and others came from emails that couldn’t even get the proper capitalization on the company’s name.


I found another person who was dedicated enough to write-up their own experiences with this company. Their wordpress blog is called jonlennartaasenden. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find their blog post until after I placed my order. It’s a shame really because I ordered my sweater a month after they published their post.


Have you guys dealt with AssassinsHoodies/LeoGary before? If so, what was your experience like?


6 thoughts on “LeoGray Scam – Otherwise known as Assassin Hoodies

  1. ToreishiNoblesse

    I’m 5ft and 100lbs in RL so I HAVE to buy things from asia or they don’t fit right.I have a fair amount of exp shopping online for that reason. Try shopping at Dresslink or Yesstyle (take your measurements and always add an inch for accurate sizing.) or little chilli shop on ebay.
    I always opt for free shipping but the longest I have ever waited is 4 weeks.

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    • DrAwkto

      Thanks! I’ll try dress link or that eBay seller you recommended.
      i have shopped at yes style before. They are pretty over priced and the quality of the shirts I got was not good. I prefer gmarket instead, when shopping for Korean styles.


      • ToreishiNoblesse

        My Fiance used to live in Korea and he told me about ‘one day’ outfits on the street. super cheap but you can only wear one day. it’s partially why I handwash all my clothing ehehe. I definitely prefer Dresslink to yesstyle but yesstyle has those fantastic cosmetics!

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      • rakioddbooks

        I’ve had bad experiences with Dresslink. Overall the quality isn’t that bad IMO but they’ve sent me the wrong size and only offered a partial refund and canceled orders without telling me when the items were sold out. I think you should really watch youtube reviews for Dresslink and yes be very careful about the sizes.


        • DrAwkto

          Thanks for sharing your experiences. Yeah. I looked up some reviews and though some are good, some are pretty nightmare fuel.

          I’m just gonna hold out from buying online. I travel to asian countries often, I can pick up clothing while travelling. After moving, I realized how much clothing I had and how much I actually wore. I wanna stop the habit of over buying things. It’s a waste of resources.

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