Introducing Scam + Pyramid Scheme Week!

Hey guys!

As I alluded earlier in April, I had fallen into a few scams and pyramid schemes pitches. Experiences like listening into pyramid scheme pitches were a waste of my time, and I would like to help you guys not fall prey to them either. That and falling victim to online shopping sites is annoying as well, so hopefully this week will be helpful to you guys.

Starting today, I will be sharing my experiences with scammers. We will be starting off with Assassin Hoodies, now known as LeoGary, followed by Benzi Shop. Once these two posts are done, I’ll be talking about techniques they use to appear legitimate.

Afterwards I’ll will be posting about Amway, Market America and Vector Marketing. The last three are not scams, they are pyramid schemes, or what the company likes to call “multi-level business”, either way, I would like to share my experiences with these companies. Finally, I’ll end off with a conclusion on what I have learnt from my experiences and how I grew as a person from it. This will be spread out between two weeks and my regular posts will be weaved in between the posts.


Sunday – Leo Gary / Assassin Hoodies

Tuesday – Benzi Shop

Thursday– Summary of both experiences and how not to fall prey to online scams like this

Saturday– Amway

Monday– Market America

Wednesday – Vector Marketing

Friday– Conclusion


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