Ep 6: Waffle Snack

Coming at you with another episode of Cooking with Chef Fuyu.

Today, it’ll be a quick light snack. I had this waffle dish with and without whipped cream. With the whipped cream it becomes a delicious dessert; without the whipped cream it becomes a sweet breakfast.  I never had jam with waffles before so when I first tried this out I was surprised at how much sweeter the jam caused the waffles to be. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I usually eat my waffles plain, only because half the time when I make them, I’m running late and need to run while having food in my mouth. My favourite waffles to have is blueberry waffles. :D Yummy, they’re the perfect amount of sweet, while still being mostly healthy at the same time.


How do you guys eat your waffles? Maple Syrup? Jam? Plain?


Fuyu’s Waffle Snack



Fruit Jam (I used strawberry jam)


Optional: Whipped Cream


Toast the waffles. While the waffles are toasting, crush up some walnuts if you prefer. Once the waffles are cooked, spread the jam on top of it. Add the walnuts and whipped cream if you decide on going with that route. Enjoy!



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