Overwatch – First Impressions

Beta Key – Get! Woot woot!
That’s enough silliness for now.

This week has been packed with games. For the past few days I’ve been playing Overwatch. I was fortunate enough to have someone give me an extra beta key. And I gotta say, Overwatch is very fun. It’s fast paced and depending on which hero you are playing it can be very chaotic as well. Each match averages around 10 minutes, and there’s a few maps and game modes you can play. If you’ve ever played Team Fortress 2, Overwatch will seem familiar to you. There are areas to capture or defend, as well as escorting payloads or defending them. 

I spent around 6 hours playing the game in around 3 days. And I’m definitely loving it. Despite how terrible I am at the game, it is really fun and I fell like I’m not being punished for being a bad player in the game. Unlike, League, where the community is just trash. And when I mean I’m terrible at the game, I truly am terrible at it. I have an average of 20% weapon accuracy, which is more than my accuracy in Left for Dead 2. Fps games do not agree with me.

Anyways, some heroes I currently enjoy playing are Lucio, Torbjorn, Mei, and Tracer. I am attempting to learn how to play all of them, but I’ll need to find the time for it. Also after being able to play Overwatch for a few days, I’m fairly tempted to get the game so I could play it more in the future. I did have some issues with the game, such as the stability of the matches, and random disconnecting from the game. There were many times where my hero would lag randomly. I’m pretty sure the lagging wasn’t caused by my internet connection, since other members of my team had issues with matches and the server as well. Anyways, since the game is still in beta, I’m hoping that Blizzard would be able to fix up those issues before release.

Open Beta weekend starts tomorrow, so I can’t wait until my other friends can play it with me. It’s definitely more fun with a full 6 man team. :D

What about you guys? Have you tried Overwatch yet? And what do you guys think of it?


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