Fuyu Moments #4

Oh man I’m on Reddit and there’s the thread about the meanest thing you ever did to someone. For some reason it made me remember what a friend did to me. She had apparently resting bitch face, so one day during Jr high she looked especially annoyed and people were asking her if she was okay or anything. She was popular and so people cared I guess. This attention bothered her and during lunch she wanted to be alone, but she never told me. I didn’t realize she wanted to be alone and thought she was walking fast to get to somewhere. Turns out she was trying to avoid people, including me.

It’s strange how teens don’t open up and say “Hey everyone’s annoying me and I would like some alone time, I’ll see you in class,”

She was the one of the mature bunches in the class too. It honestly doesn’t take a lot to use words to communicate. I’m not a mind reader. But instead she blamed it on my incapacity to understand her physical cues and then called me annoying.

She was a trusted friend I had, since I was being bullied and being called that by her wasn’t cool. Whatever, I learnt from it real good. Haha the best part is that I was still friends with her afterwards. She never apologized for her words either, she thought they were completely okay to say, despite me telling her what she did wasn’t cool.


7 thoughts on “Fuyu Moments #4

      • Jen

        yeah, it really got me thinking. I’m more aware of how I’m treating other people these days, but it’s hard to be careful if it’s done unintentionally.

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        • DrAwkto

          Me too. I found out there’s a delicate balance between being considerate, and being overly sensitive. There is such a thing as being overly considerate to the point that it’s just ridiculous, and unfortunately, it’s hard to reflect on that until someone else says something.

          Recently, I had someone say that I had an attention seeking personality, which was hilarious coming from them because they never shut up about their GF. Every conversation was always about their issues or events with them.

          And the few days I wanted to change the topic on them, they dished out that “insight” on me and told me not to be offended. Haha.

          I guess they just wanna continue talking about the same old thing over and over again I guess. I didn’t take offense to it, but it was a great wake up call for me.

          I gotta make sure, I’m not constantly talking about myself like that “friend” of mine was.

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          • Jen

            I recently learned that not everyone who ask about you really cares about you that much. Sometimes I notice people just really want to talk about themselves. I guess it’s kind of like your friends.

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          • DrAwkto

            LOL yeah! That’s how my interaction is with that one person. If I’m quiet for a while, they’ll ask about me, but use it to twist the conversation back to themselves. ahaha.

            Thanks for your insight though. That coupled with my new found insight, it’ll help me keep in mind what’s going around with my interactions. :D

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          • Jen

            It’s the opposite for me. Usually when people ask about me I twist the conversation back to them. I don’t really like to be the center of attention. Hahaha. I don’t mind listening to them talking all day about themselves. Hah.

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